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discount ray ban sunglasses he accepted the Red Army set up a system of political staff, then put it into the Kuomintang army; he also accepted the idea of ??the Communist Youth League, wrote: "The (Communist Youth League) for young people trying to cultivate focus, its first good policies. " Inspection tour of the Soviet Union also played a key role in ray ban sunglasses's career that he has suddenly emerged as the KMT's success is tied to the powerful and mysterious northern neighbor's number one expert. ray ban sunglasses at December 15 Soviet ships returned to cheap ray ban to take charge of the KMT heavyweight financial Liao Zhongkai to greet. Liao also singled out Sun Yat-sen in accordance with Marxism-Leninism is responsible for the transformation of one person Kuomintang. Some people within the KMT deep concern about Moscow's true intentions, which, ray ban sunglasses assured them: the Soviet Union was a sincere proposal Kuomintang assistance. (But years later, he bitterly said that when he returned to the Soviet Union when the intent is very vigilant; this clearly does not really say.) Chiang January 12, 1924 finally returned to Guangzhou, the Sun hand a written report.At this time, the Comintern sent in new Kuomintang political adviser Borodin (MikhailBorodin) is in accordance with the Leninist line reorganize the Kuomintang in Guangzhou. In order sen, the KMT party members to "comrade" call the Soviet Communist Party and allies. However, Sun in January 1924 on behalf of the KMT full meeting declared that China is no obvious class differences, everyone just big and small poor poor, respectively. This statement and the Communists violent social revolution very different proposition. Militarily, the Sun is more able to accept Soviet influence. He knew that when he was a member of the Military Council assigned Chiang Kai-shek, and presided over the new military academy for the training of officers and the establishment of Moscow will be very happy. In June 1924, ray ban sunglasses accompany Sun stand on the Command Post, he presided over the opening ceremony of the Whampoa Military Academy. Start-up costs of the military academy presented by the Soviet Union 2.7 million yuan (Chinese money), in addition to a monthly allowance of $ 100,000 was to be established. Sun speech at the opening ceremony declared goal is to emulate the Soviet Red Army to build a "new revolutionary army." Should Chiang's request, the Soviet Union sent ray ban sunglasses hit it off in Siberia and the Soviet Far East to get to know the Force Commander gallon (V ¡¤ K ¡¤ ª±Blucher) to Guangzhou, as his chief of staff. Moscow sent a few officers in addition to the Whampoa Military Academy. 154 ray ban sunglasses learned out in Moscow, sent tao as political director of the Whampoa Military Academy, as adjutant to wear under, it is nominated Communist Party Zhou Enlai, Zhou had studied in Japan for two years, France nearly four years, just to return soon , when he was twenty-seven. Zhou also Zheray ban sunglasses, and ray ban sunglasses was able to talk; he looks handsome, like a silent movie star, humorous, handsome, courteous, learned more than the smell, confident, and courtly. Chiang opinion, Zhou is a very sincere person. Although competition between the Communist Party after 47 years, struggle and fierce fighting, but between the two men developed the unusual relationship, respect each other, even in the bitter conflict between the two parties on the occasion, this feeling still emerge from time to time.In June 1924, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek (Kuomintang Party History Museum offers) in the Whampoa Military Academy photo Whampoa Military Academy advocate the spirit of Bushido, the motto "Dear sincere", there is a powerful and unyielding

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discount ray ban sunglasses four degrees confided in his diary suicidal thoughts, hope to die Ming, "self-help so that our countrymen to rise to its peril." February 1, he wrote: "The government must also migrate Wuchang." But as long as Borodin also China - his "treacherous" unspeakable - ray ban sunglasses seems to be impossible to do so. At this point, the road leading to the cheap ray ban Revolutionary Army has been opened. Wuhan Kuomintang Party Central Committee, the Communist Party and Soviet advisers are hoping Expedition north, and Feng troops together. Feng recent visit to Moscow from the words and deeds of statement analysis, he should have a firm stand on the left wing Nationalist position. However, ray ban sunglasses insisted the revolutionary army to take Nanjing, cheap ray ban, because the new capital in Nanjing national government can directly obtain huge financial gold resources cheap ray ban, and even foreign recognition. Lushan Conference endorsed Chiang strategy. However, May 1, 1927, the Executive will officially Wuhan ray ban sunglasses brought under its control the newly restructured military commission. The meeting also handed over to ray ban sunglasses's important party posts out of the country of Wang Ching-wei, also issued a secret order to arrest ray ban sunglasses. Guofu may learn this secret order in advance, ray ban sunglasses is likely to be determined at this time altogether clear. Revolutionary Army advance to cheap ray ban, cheap ray ban's Communist Party and the Kuomintang trade unions launched a joint strike response. The next riot, two hundred workers were killed; but on March 22, cheap ray ban warlords defense commander toward the revolutionary camp, Fujian Navy Fleet Banner refuge, ray ban sunglasses then controlled the Yangtze River Basin. Hsi March 22 troops to enter cheap ray ban. When Furthermore, in order to protect themselves, ray ban sunglasses on March 24 aboard the newly acquired "Chu with ship" arrived in Nanjing; has led his troops entered the city, General Cheng Qian, received Wuhan central command to his arrest ray ban sunglasses; Cheng disregarded Cheng certainly report the matter to ray ban sunglasses. Two days later, Chiang to cheap ray ban, found that workers and students daily demonstrations to recover the foreign concessions. Many Westerners wonder ray ban sunglasses willingness or ability to control the situation. Zhou Enlai presided over the cheap ray ban Communist activity at this time. April, Wang Jingwei aboard Soviet ships arrived in cheap ray ban. cheap ray ban, including KMT leaders, including ray ban sunglasses, Wang majority requirement to stay in cheap ray ban, the KMT leadership unity, expulsion Borodin, "control" of the Communist Party. Given that most people strongly support Wang Jingwei home, in addition to the military than the military Yingqin, teachers also everyone alike, ray ban sunglasses must have felt he had to accept the political leadership of Wang reply. If Wang agreed that the situation is difficult to say how to develop, but he may, after strengthening personal control, calling the majority of leftist Nationalists rejoin. If so, it may indefinitely delay, ray ban sunglasses liter rise when the political leadership of the process, even permanent denial. But Wang refused, and insisted on the need to convene a meeting of all the Central Executive Committee to decide such a major event in Wuhan. is still the PLA combat. He wrote in his diary, he does not like Fujian girl, but the mind of the idea will not go away, "color concept, hatred, disgust, almost all not absolutely, Ethereal not enough of it." In March 1919, he temporarily left the front line, back to cheap ray ban, to live with his new wife as "Jie-Mei" in. From Chiang enthusiasm shown by the judge

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discount ray ban sunglasses but think this is the last chance to the peaceful reunification of China, he still decided to go north ill. He arrived in Beijing that is sick, the doctor diagnosed his cancer has no cure. Sun at March 12, 1925, died at fifty eight. Until this moment, ray ban sunglasses also never thought I'd be so soon become a political leader, but he must have considered the possibility always have this opportunity. Two years ago, he has been quoted in the diary of the nineteenth century army leader Tseng's words: "Look who has publicly chido, to" re-Luli Fu book ", there is' something machine of turn, which began a two Lai, Moyun Mo to Yuanshen among micro, but also of people and subsequently, the day also shall be '' followed by anticipating he said:. "The letter almost, I do not Moyun people to migrate, with himself as almost" When the Sun's death, ray ban sunglasses is not the Kuomintang Central Executive Committee, the top echelon of the party in the majority do not think he posttherapy competition leader position. ray ban sunglasses also has opponents in the army (this period he carried a pistol). But his powerful military commander image has fame outside. This stage, the number of his followers in low-level military officers and party members in general, may have more than any other political leader of the Kuomintang. In their minds, ray ban sunglasses is not only a splendid military exploits, or Sun Yat-sen's premier student, there is a strong advocate of leftist independent, not corruption, and "unswervingly" pursue the goal. ray ban sunglasses also recognized a familiar Soviet soldiers by the Soviet Union's trust. The new role played by the Soviet Union in the Chinese revolution, the Chiang in the KMT jump up, played a great role, and ray ban sunglasses also understand that in the next few years, the impact of the Soviet Union will be more important. 1925 spring, still lawless powers in China, but the Chinese people have been increasingly reluctant to tolerate such insults. In May, two months after the death of Sun Yat-sen, a Japanese-owned textile mills in cheap ray ban guard shot and killed striking workers; student demonstrations broke out, led by the British police and killed eleven demonstrators. Wuhan, the British set up a volunteer team of guns to deal with "thousands of coolies trouble"; when the troublemakers burned Jiuray ban sunglasses Japan, the British Consulate, British, French Marines urgent help.Police have blamed the riots cheap ray ban "China Bolshevik" activities, especially the "Kuomintang radical." "New York Times" correspondent warned: "Radical" (Kuomintang) determined to repeal "all foreign special status, privileges and extraterritoriality." He sighed powers on how to deal with this challenge, there is no consensus, then the reaction unlike the Boxer Incident. Reporters also warned that even Japan may "and yellow on the same side of the world, against the West." By the spring into the summer turmoil intensified. June 23, 1925, including the Boy Scouts and the Whampoa Military Academy students, including an anti-imperialist march when passing through residential areas Shamian aliens, someone fired a shot, the British opened fire on the island counter , killing 52 people, while hundreds of people were injured. Chiang Wen was reported that twenty Whampoa student killed hatred for Britain rose to a new high. He wrote:. "British thief violent ...... not to lives of the Chinese thing," he wrote a number of anti-British views every day in his diary, such as "avoid killing compatriot Yu Yin Fan of peace", he once said: " France, the United States and hateful. "Chiang Kai-shek's anti-imperialist heart, with his patriotism as strong