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discount ray bans just off the Mao Fumei ray ban sunglasses. Chiang to Mao Mao Mao Qing brother wrote to say: "For decades, Wen tramp, see figure, and serve to stimulate .clever Ruxiong, and believe me to be able to be happy, I am free of pain for life." After the Mao divorced, ray ban sunglasses is still money to subsidize Yao Ye Cheng lives. Although he may abandon her expense, but with gratitude for her willingness to support Weiguo, then arranged for her to live with her home Weiguo Suzhou. Meanwhile, Chen's mother promised her daughter entrusted to Chiang. Chen's claim that the two of them in the December 5, 1921 to get married. Six years later, has been honored for the KMT leader Chiang, marry Kai-shek, he publicly declared his concubine Chen's case is not the principal wife. No matter how they get to know when, fell in love, according to Chen's statement, which is an unusual contingency. Chen and claims to have contracted sexually transmitted diseases during their honeymoon, this experience is not made out of her. She said that ray ban sunglasses was shown repentance, vowed never to drink, coffee or tea. Since then, ray ban sunglasses really drink boiled water, not drink or tea. ray ban sunglasses new frugal lifestyle is probably from the beginning of the period, including Chen's show loyalty, eat simple food every day, Ningbo, develop a daily habit early hours, in addition to the ceremony needs, usually wearing military civilian clothes, do not wear medals only in the chest strap hanging Pershing or simply dressed in tunic or robe. These habits are very good giving a strong impression of penance, a symbol of his maturity, self-discipline and seriousness. These and later became his distinctive behavior traits.ray ban sunglasses immediately return to the PLA Second Army chief of staff job, busy planning to attack the Northern Expedition Hunan, ray ban sunglassesxi combat. But in this case, the relationship between the Sun Yat-sen and Chen increasingly tense, Sun announced the dismissal of the Governor of Guangdong Province, and Chen PLA commander positions, the Ministry of Guangzhou Chen attempted to seize power, Sun was forced to escape the night Guangzhou, panic between riding gunboat "the company ship" sail Huangpu Sun and disguised to Chiang's son Weiguo sent telegrams to inform people in Xikou ray ban sunglasses "urgent matter, hope to speed." In this crisis, the Sun has always been loyal to resort to strong-willed action sent General. ray ban sunglasses rushed to cheap ray ban to find later became president of cheap ray ban General Chamber of Commerce Yu Qiaqing, a longtime supporter of Sun Yat-sen, to borrow sixty thousand silver (silver category is unknown). With this sum, Chiang boat to Hong Kong, then rent a boat along the Pearl River and on. June 29, 1922, ray ban sunglasses boarded by Huangpu Park "Yong Feng", and Sun join. ray ban sunglasses then took "the company ship," the command, ordered it to sail downstream. Five weeks later, when the PLA troops fighting the Second Army and Chen, "the company ship" docked in the sweltering river port on the White Swan Pond. But the ship SUN unit received a report that Chen has defeated XuChongZhi and loyal Sun Yunnan, Guizhou and ally. August 9, the British warship carrying agree sen a pedestrian to Hong Kong to Hong Kong and then transferred to cheap ray ban after them.ray ban sunglasses boarded "the company ship" and Sun Yat-sen alone, is ray ban sunglasses Yisheng career turning point. Obviously, since the Sun more in mind for him. Chiang battlefield commander, chief of staff involved in the multi-unit, and urban guerrilla warfare, undercover operations (involving two piles assassination) and other underground work

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discount ray bans ray ban sunglasses now think it is "very bright immense." At this time, Fujian, led by ray ban sunglasses is still the PLA combat. He wrote in his diary, he does not like Fujian girl, but the mind of the idea will not go away, "color concept, hatred, disgust, almost all not absolutely, Ethereal not enough of it." In March 1919, he temporarily left the front line, back to cheap ray ban, to live with his new wife as "Jie-Mei" in. From Chiang enthusiasm shown by the judge, she must be a beauty. Since Yao Ye Cheng gambling, the two feelings of discord, now mad in love with ray ban sunglasses Jie-Mei. According to his diary, one day he had to the dock, ready to return to Fujian to the front, but could not bear the separation, so the addition of a few days left. He even wanted to marry her, but according to a letter she wrote to him said, and even if she wanted him to stay together, it does not want to be bound by a formal marriage paper. During this period, despite the feelings of discord, returning Ningbo to see Yao Ye Cheng ray ban sunglasses is still time. Chiang and many of the women a result of sexual relations occurred, that he consider themselves infected with sexually transmitted diseases, loss of ability to give birth. As a result, he had become increasingly concerned about the only son. Fujian before returning resident, ray ban sunglasses folded Fenghua, please take a look at his year-old teacher Gu Qinglian by the country to assess the potential of this child. Chiang Ching-kuo wrote the first letter mentioned child care teacher said, "talent, though not very high, and then quite a good reading." Soon his son to Fenghua ray ban sunglasses Ji Song, Lu Feng into his alma mater's College school. During the same period, ray ban sunglasses told his mother and Mao Fumei, Yao Ye Cheng will take one of his three year old children to adopt Xikou. Chiang Kai-shek for his name "Weiguo" of the boy's friends Chiang Tai Chi-tao and Japanese mistress born. Yao and ray ban sunglasses Weiguo admitted, but Madame Mao and her office did not come; and later by Chiang Kai-shek's uncle came forward placement Weiguo and his mother. Two children from ray ban sunglasses wrote a letter to the judge, he loved son than a son.In the spring, to accompany her mother to the city of Chiang treatment, but soon fell ill himself that is due to typhoid fever. During recuperate, he has more time to reflect, in a diary to improve themselves frequently. capitalists are not swept away, the hundreds of non-freedom and happy way." There is a landlord trying to cheat Yao Ye Cheng, he commented that the rich in their brains to think how to make people account for cheap. But on July 1, the newly established cheap ray ban Stock Exchange (supported by the Kuomintang people to raise funds for the party and set) officially opened, ray ban sunglasses immediately bought from the stock. Chiang and Chen Guofu around to borrow money, set up an investment company "stock." Three thousand silver dollars seed capital, early slight loss, and soon rose to thirty thousand silver; early December, Zhang Renjie help him to another investment company to buy three thousand five hundred silver shares. However, the stock market will soon fall to the end of the year, ray ban sunglasses admitted in his diary, he lost seven or eight thousand silver dollars. He apparently owes money. iang did not have time to keep an eye on the stock market. September 30 sen sent his Chief of Staff of the PLA as a second army, which he has not before this highest post. ray ban sunglasses in his diary commitments, to avoid suspicions, never accept any (political) official position, suggesting that he will abide by the military, not unassuming, not because of its outspoken criticism and bad temper and annoying people. ray ban sunglasses took over as chief of staff position at Sun Yat-sen led the PLA troops in the gang

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discount ray bans precocious youth, his patriotic fervor so ray ban sunglasses Dawei impressed. During this period, ray ban sunglasses exposed to a popular newspaper in Japan, the Chinese - "people", learned thinkers from Rousseau (Jeanª²JacquesRousseau) to Muller (JohnStuartMill) and other Western. "People" have two important editors and writers - Wang Jingwei and Hu. They both come from Guangdong, have become an important future leaders of the Kuomintang. Wang Jingwei Japan and graduated from Thammasat University, specializes in the debate, clear thinking, and Tai Chi-tao are leading revolutionaries of the day. "People" not only advocated by all means (including murder) to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, also advocated the nationalization of land, support for world revolution. Chinese students (including ray ban sunglasses included) which shares the radical middle brewing revolutionary thought, attracted the close attention of the Japanese ruling authorities seven years, the Japanese government asked to leave Sun Yat-sen. Many Chinese students are increasingly alarmed by the Japanese imperialist practices, especially the Japanese activities in Korea. However, the alliance leaders do not intend to criticize Japan, still in cooperation with Japan as the main target. Sun before departure, and even published a speech in Tokyo, Japan indicate if convicted of aiding the Chinese revolution and think it should be made north of Northeast region, he will not complain. In the same year, ho moved back to cheap ray ban from Tokyo, set up a secret headquarters, ready in ray ban sunglassessu, Zheray ban sunglasses uprising. ray ban sunglasses returned to cheap ray ban when the summer to help ho.summer, ray ban sunglasses determined repudiation, and Mao Fumei divorced, but Ms. Wang Tai listen to a fortune teller iron mouth straight off, he said Chiang Kai-shek's first wife gave birth to a son in the future must be a high official, and elegant. Ms. Wang Tai decided to intervene, she came to cheap ray ban with his wife. ray ban sunglasses at first refused to obey his mother's arrangement, Ms. Wang Tai cried and threatened to commit suicide, he was forced from. Mao Fumei live together with her husband in the summer for some time, finally pregnant pregnant. She told ray ban sunglasses, ray ban sunglasses immediately to her home.years Mao Fumei birth to a son. Ms. Wang Tai probably remember a fortune teller's prophecy, for grandson named "Ching-kuo." "State" seniority of the Chiang Kai-shek became perhaps even regenerate son under the name of the future. When the son of the age, the father apparently did not seriously. He was not looking his son, Chiang reflects not only the mother and the child feeling bad, also showed he was getting into the revolution led by Sun Yat-sen. ray ban sunglasses graduated from Tokyo Zhenwu school, and friends Qun was sent to the Japanese army stationed in Takada nineteenth Field Artillery Regiment practice - who want to enter the Japanese military to accept the army non-commissioned officers to develop education, are required to go through the attachment phase. Camp life is very hard, rigorous training, troops regularly practice in the snow. ray ban sunglasses actively accept the challenge, but he is still considered cold, especially grumpy and famous, he admits it. His earnest efforts may have won the division and the faithful barely respected, but his overall performance really is not prominent in the preparatory classes earlier sixty-two Chinese students, Chiang ranked fifth fourteen. However, the understanding of the Japanese army regiment nineteen non-commissioned officers Chiang Kai-shek, but remember that he is willing to accept strict discipline, also showed absolute loyalty. There is a non-commissioned officers remember him "instrument grand." Twenty years later