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ray ban 3025 no experience, will lose money, but added that this did nothing discouraged. Just like with the military and political defeat as the Chiang Kang Zhu significant loss of personal wealth, and then completely indifferent. This time, the mall experience makes Chiang ideologically more left-leaning than usual, and more focused on the revolution and military career. Soon after, he tried to open schools in Xikou, accommodating local children, but according to his diary, it was a certain village gentry obstruction. He swore, unless the village gentry died, otherwise he would not return home. He also observed that, to transform China, must terminate gentry, business rule. In fact, among the Chiang long life, he did not much capitalists and capitalism goodwill. However, he always believed that communism can not be implemented in China, the class struggle is a harmful concept; and the rich elite and the wealthy gentry, then and warlords, the secret societies, is able to make good use of and exchanges of real power. For his revolutionary career, ray ban sunglasses now think it is "very bright immense." ray ban sunglasses in cheap ray ban met a young woman with Chen's; two years ago, she was only thirteen years old, ray ban sunglasses has a crush on her. Chen's father was a paper merchant, has always supported the KMT, according to her statement Chiang met her at a party in her home after a few days about her lunch. After dinner, ray ban sunglasses lure her to the hotel, but she was smart to run away. Later, ray ban sunglasses tried to persuade Chen mother, so clean as to be his side room - Chen insists in his memoirs that marry her. 123 Chen mother has given no reply, ray ban sunglasses then had to go back Xikou arrange the funeral of the mother of Ms. Wang Tai.After his mother died, just off the Mao Fumei ray ban sunglasses. Chiang to Mao Mao Mao Qing brother wrote to say: "For decades, Wen tramp, see figure, and serve to stimulate .clever Ruxiong, and believe me to be able to be happy, I am free of pain for life." After the Mao divorced, ray ban sunglasses is still money to subsidize Yao Ye Cheng lives. Although he may abandon her expense, but with gratitude for her willingness to support Weiguo, then arranged for her to live with her home Weiguo Suzhou. Meanwhile, Chen's mother promised her daughter entrusted to Chiang. Chen's claim that the two of them in the December 5, 1921 to get married. Six years later, has been honored for the KMT leader Chiang, marry Kai-shek, he publicly declared his concubine Chen's case is not the principal wife. No matter how they get to know when, fell in love, according to Chen's statement, which is an unusual contingency. Chen and claims to have contracted sexually transmitted diseases during their honeymoon, this experience is not made out of her. She said that ray ban sunglasses was shown repentance, vowed never to drink, coffee or tea. Since then, ray ban sunglasses really drink boiled water, not drink or tea. ray ban sunglasses new frugal lifestyle is probably from the beginning of the period, including Chen's show loyalty, eat simple food every day, Ningbo, develop a daily habit early hours, in addition to the ceremony needs, usually wearing military civilian clothes, do not wear medals only in the chest strap hanging Pershing or simply dressed in tunic or robe. These habits are very good giving a strong impression of penance, a symbol of his maturity, self-discipline and seriousness. These and later became his distinctive behavior traits.ray ban sunglasses immediately return to the PLA Second Army chief of staff job, busy planning to attack the Northern Expedition Hunan, ray ban sunglassesxi combat. But in this case

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ray ban 3025 and finally in wet Christmas boat returned to cheap ray ban, with direct access to the residence of the French Concession. Visitors have come to the parties, including one for the "New York Herald" (NewYorkHerald) as a reporter in the Australian youth Donald (WilliamHenryDonald), fromis the Alliance's consultant. With vision, full of ideals of Sun Yat-sen and pragmatic Donald immediately befriends. Decades later, Donald said his role was "guided" Sun, "like a Dutch uncle to his lecture"; but the KMT senior officials describe Donald mainly involved in public affairs, and some even doubt that he had secretly working for the British. At least, he is an interesting witness, witness in the next twenty-five years many events. December 29, revolutionaries convened by the Alliance-led interim parliament in Nanjing. Restoration League summit Tao Cheng wanted to Zheray ban sunglasses captaincy, but ho insisted person appointed by the League. The two sides dispute intense fear of life-threatening Tao Cheng withdrew and hid in a hospital, but their whereabouts or be isolated ray ban sunglasses. Chen sent a killer on January 12, 1912 to sneak into the pottery room, he will be killed. ray ban sunglasses hinted that he did not plan the assassination, but "the responsibility, so as not to implicate ho." The newspaper did not mention ray ban sunglasses was involved in this murder, which represents perhaps the incident he was not present.January 6, Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing interim parliament elected provisional president. At this time, the Sun Prime Minister and Qing assignment, the control of former military leader among North Yuan long political confrontation seemed inevitable. In addition to Japan, the big powers want the Sun to step down. Later, things have unexpected developments in achieving lifelong dream, to become interim president sixteen days after the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen promised to resign to make way for Yuan. Sun is willing to make painful concessions to achieve a coalition government, achieving national unity; the selflessness of great action reflects his lofty ideals and political naive. Chiang and Chen Qimei as strongly do not agree, the decision to resign Sun, but Sun Yat-sen this situation, do not care about the style of personal power and position, so that ray ban sunglasses Dawei admire; he later life many times to follow. March 12, Yuan Shikai officially took over as president, but he is only half of the Qing army has a clear dispatching authority. Subsequently, Sun has made a big mistake in hindsight but decision: Agrees to Beijing as the national capital, the interim government should be moved north. Ho to remain in cheap ray ban military captaincy (the most important provincial position), ray ban sunglasses also continue training in cheap ray ban, raise rates. But the passion of the revolution has ended, the young officer spent a lot of time discussing politics and ho, Tai Chi-tao and a few colleagues in Japan. Chiang's getting impatient spin circles everyone knows. Ho home is located near the racetrack Macho International Settlement Road (MohawkRoad), one day to visit Chen ray ban sunglasses, a guard would not let him the door, ray ban sunglasses actually attacked and beat the guards. It angered meal lambasted Chen Chiang, "Some people," Chen also advised to get rid of the young man. However, ho belligerent military leaders apparently believe it is not hampered. I also know that ray ban sunglasses impatient trouble: he has also repeatedly blame for rickshaw and other ordinary people angry.ray ban sunglasses's personal life during this period there are several important changes. One day

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ray ban 3025 the relationship between the Sun Yat-sen and Chen increasingly tense, Sun announced the dismissal of the Governor of Guangdong Province, and Chen PLA commander positions, the Ministry of Guangzhou Chen attempted to seize power, Sun was forced to escape the night Guangzhou, panic between riding gunboat "the company ship" sail Huangpu Sun and disguised to Chiang's son Weiguo sent telegrams to inform people in Xikou ray ban sunglasses "urgent matter, hope to speed." In this crisis, the Sun has always been loyal to resort to strong-willed action sent General. ray ban sunglasses rushed to cheap ray ban to find later became president of cheap ray ban General Chamber of Commerce Yu Qiaqing, a longtime supporter of Sun Yat-sen, to borrowstaged a patriotic but bloody ridiculous xenophobic movements, resulting in the most humiliating period of Chinese history, ray ban sunglasses is a thirteen-year-old boy. Boxer determined to destroy all Christian foreigners and Chinese in China, they all ages brutally murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians and foreign missionaries. Empress Dowager Cixi fear boxer, but more hate foreigners; Boxers early success made her believe they have magical powers of invulnerability, and therefore support their "Support the Qing, destroy the foreign. However, including the United States, Japan, an eight-easily defeated the Boxers and Qing army, and promptly hit Beijing, saved thousands of Christians and foreigners. Allied Forces also carried out acts of rape and murder captivity, and forced China high amount of compensation surprising a lot of money - roughly equal to five billion US dollars in 2002 currency, and also agreed not to force the Chinese coastal fortifications.Most Chinese people, including the most ignorant ministers, the Qing court and illiterate public learned that the West and Japan are now not only militarily stronger than China in science, technology, medicine, education, public services and the living standards of all distant Leading Chinese. Forbidden City issued a series of decree established to promote mathematics, engineering, and modern science a new system of public schools. However, the slow pace of reform was extraordinarily painful. At this time, Japan and Russia have been coveted Northeast China (Westerners call "Manchuria"). Manchu this vast home, an area of ??about half of Great Britain four times, rich in mineral; though the court order prohibits Han Chinese have moved, the Northeast has already exceeded the number of Han Chinese Manchus. 1905, Japan, and Russia outbreak of war in the Northeast. In May, Heihachiro Togo generals led Japanese naval fleet, wiping out Russia from the Baltic fleet transferred to large-scale war.For well-informed Chinese people, Japan was able to defeat big European countries is an encouraging event, which may also be touched Chiang determination Toubicongrong, determined to do the revolutionary party rather than to defend the main reason for the Qing court.three years, he transferred to the Ningbo arrow. Mao Fumei read along, but a few months later, ray ban sunglasses suspected her rustic, and sent her back to her mother waited Xikou. In February 1906, ray ban sunglasses apparently admired both teachers of New Confucianism nor conservative, decided to back Fenghua Longin school. Gu encourage students to read the new Wang Yangming (Zheray ban sunglasses, 1472-1529), Tseng (Hunan, 1811-1872) writings. Wang Yangming advocates know yourself, in order to have moral practice, know and can do, it makes sense morality. However, as a "Confucian gentry," he also stressed that integrity, honesty and loyalty. Wang's philosophy seems probable cause youth Chiang resonance. is Longjin school teacher, dormitory just with ray ban sunglasses on the same floor; he remembered the eighteen-year-old student up early every day