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ray ban aviators ray ban sunglasses always early morning meditation, exercise. His daily five o'clock to get up, the first practice martial arts, like traditional attitude slowly stretch with the kind of dream, tighten and relax his muscles, then breathing exercises. Face daily challenges, he always Tseng and Wang Yangming as a teacher, and with reference to the ancient military scientist grandson, thinking how they would do.ray ban sunglasses faces great challenges, he meticulous detail, all pipe sizes. Because he did not have confidence in the ability under the most general, or not trust them, sometimes he communicate directly to the head. Taipei possession of his complete works military command and communication as much as seventy eight volumes. He often personally convicted of distribution of ammunition and equipment to which the number of units, there is a subtle yet to ration four mortars, a hundred rounds, four hundred grenades. Given the time equipment, ammunition, army blankets, food and of course money scarce, Occasionally allotted four mortar is not just a military issue such a trivial matter, or political problems. Each time ray ban sunglasses allocation of scarce supplies, the disposal of every unit tactics, will affect other units, causing envy. World War I with the heavy artillery is especially rare valuable assets, and sometimes how these guns should be determined by the transferee had personally ray ban sunglasses. Obviously ray ban sunglasses command is a mixed motley crew, all units of training, experience, loyalty and reliability are as different as day. He often ask gallon and Pai Chung-hsi, but that in the end can only believe in themselves, and a few Japanese military academy classmates, as Yingqin and Zhang Qun et al. Although the membership of the Communist Party of Lands and reduce the army to assist him at first in the corruption and excesses evil wind play, after "three Zhongshan warship incident," he withdrew most trusted troops first Army of Communist political cadres. (Li Tsung-jen Seventh Army is beginning that allowed them to enter.)Chiang and Chen's relationship ups and downs during this period also, noisy. Two one separately, he would miss her and want her to meet in different locations; if she is not on time, he would get angry. They often quarreled, he regretted their voices. In June 1926, he went to Kung, Song Ailing home Soong will visit three sisters. Three days later he was home alone find Mei Ling. Miss Song Jiasan and Chen's - not to mention Chiang previous female companion - the difference is quite large, he began to despise Chen's did not read many books, will not take care of the family. Chiang Kai-shek first encounter was in December 1921 at the cheap ray ban residence of Sun Yat-sen's Christmas party, he said that he saw Kai-shek to scared to Heaven (no doubt, her family background is also a factor). Although he only shortly before Chen's welcome door - Sun Yat-sen and Soong Ching Ling, he asked whether they would accept him feel shek. Reportedly, they both categorically told him, "impossible." Shek himself answer, she had no interest. Five years later, in August 1926, dealing with official ray ban sunglasses briefly back to Guangzhou, the couple invite Kung Chiang, Chen's dinner. Chen's view that time has seen it fit to Hung couple rubbing Chiang Kai-shek flourishing popularity of marriage. Be men left the room, asked Soong sisters live and Chiang Chen's case, the conversation turned to his famous bad temper. Kai-shek said: "However, the man has a bad temper, temper than to be okay!" Chiang Kai-shek pursue bolstering hopes, after this meeting, he and Mei-Ling Yan fish from time to time between the start. When the Northern Expedition in Wuhan overcome

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ray ban aviators Chiang Kai-shek controlled from Guangxi and Vietnam border onwards, west to Sichuan (local warlord has formally joined the revolution), north reach of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, east to the vast tracts of land in northern Fujian. ray ban sunglasses surprisingly defeated warlord period has been attributed to "spontaneous uprising people, Nationalist troops make homeopathic occupation" has won a place. 66 But when Chinese newspapers, regardless of Chinese and foreign, are described as popular support for the revolutionary army was "scattered, with its whim, not positive." Expedition has been able to pit one against ten, mainly the Revolutionary Armed Forces discipline is good. ray ban sunglasses was soon moved to the military headquarters in Nanchang. Meanwhile in Guangzhou side, the KMT in the Session liberals, including Soong, Soong siblings, worried Chiang shining power, prestige Sunrise, inevitably establishing a military dictatorship. Let them worry that ray ban sunglasses Zhongshan warship incident immediately after the operation, if elected to the Executive Chairman and continue to clear the Kuomintang Communist Party organs at all levels and departments. Each army commander was also afraid of him understand ray ban sunglasses made dictatorial control, therefore, no further consolidate action Chiang own power. Left KMT combined with the Communist Party, now in control of the Executive Council; October, the Executive will pass a resolution to Chiang centralized political power after the Zhongshan warship incident, secretly express their dissatisfaction. But was even, between November, it will vote in the Session and the KMT Central Committee moved to Wuhan, near the Northern Expedition grasp the situation, and the local environment are more conducive to trade unions. ray ban sunglasses in his diary at first welcomed the CPC Central Committee and the Kuomintang moved north, probably do not want to widen the gap. Two months later, the KMT intramolecular ray ban sunglasses, a non-conjugated school in ray ban sunglassesxi Province, Lushan meeting. Lushan is a mountain resort in ray ban sunglassesxi Province, south of the Yangtze Xiongzhi. ray ban sunglasses again the parties in order to eliminate worries about his personal ambitions at the meeting seconded a proposal to relieve themselves in the position of executive committee chairman, and as earlier as calling Wang Jingwei home, restored relations with the Party. Perhaps these actions are approved too hypocritical, but his diary and temper judgment, he may want to make compromises within the KMT, including non-conjugated who included Wang can unite - which is trying to suppress the forces necessary step before the Communist Party. He wrote in his diary, he is eager to capture "the Yangtze River," Wuhan stabilize and develop the economy. January 11, he once again a bold move to declare his sincerity - went to Wuhan, put himself into the hands of the Kuomintang leftists and communists, trying to convince the Executive will move to Nanchang. Borodin in the Executive Committee welcomed Chiang's receptions, repeated insinuations dictators and warlords in pursuit of power. Borodin "almost immediately" afraid to put it too far. Soon after, the representative of the Soviet Union sent a letter to Li Tsung-jen, the proposed Lee instead, as commander in chief of the Northern Expedition. Lee worried that if the KMT's new leader ray ban sunglasses forced to step down, the CCP will take advantage of to be rejected. Because he hated the Communist Party, but also to protect themselves against Borodin's letters have been intercepted, Lee is likely to report this to Chiang on contact. At this very worried ray ban sunglasses, insomnia for several days

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ray ban aviators to accompany her mother to the city of Chiang treatment, but soon fell ill himself that is due to typhoid fever. During recuperate, he has more time to reflect, in a diary to improve themselves frequently. capitalists are not swept away, the hundreds of non-freedom and happy way." There is a landlord trying to cheat Yao Ye Cheng, he commented that the rich in their brains to think how to make people account for cheap. But on July 1, the newly established cheap ray ban Stock Exchange (supported by the Kuomintang people to raise funds for the party and set) officially opened, ray ban sunglasses immediately bought from the stock. Chiang and Chen Guofu around to borrow money, set up an investment company "stock." Three thousand silver dollars seed capital, early slight loss, and soon rose to thirty thousand silver; early December, Zhang Renjie help him to another investment company to buy three thousand five hundred silver shares. However, the stock market will soon fall to the end of the year, ray ban sunglasses admitted in his diary, he lost seven or eight thousand silver dollars. He apparently owes money. iang did not have time to keep an eye on the stock market. September 30 sen sent his Chief of Staff of the PLA as a second army, which he has not before this highest post. ray ban sunglasses in his diary commitments, to avoid suspicions, never accept any (political) official position, suggesting that he will abide by the military, not unassuming, not because of its outspoken criticism and bad temper and annoying people. ray ban sunglasses took over as chief of staff position at Sun Yat-sen led the PLA troops in the gang, river pirates and a thousand coolies support has slowly than in 1918 forced resignation of the South Sun warlords. Throughout October, ray ban sunglasses and troops march again, "Lien Chan's victory." However, his temper more combat stress, often colleagues attack, so we can give him a nickname "cannon." Zhixin off suddenly pass away, made me lose right hand. Threading military matters and count my party can Hepatobiliary according to people who exercises had been rare, the only brother of the brave sincere and earnest, and Zhixin ratio is conceivable, especially soldiers had been. Brother of just over very vulgar and envy, discord so often does not fit, then a major negative for the party of responsibility, sacrifice is barely seen and trade down, so for the party, not for individuals.ray ban sunglasses also agreed, but he still seems powerless to change. On one occasion, he and after intense debate tao, wrote a letter, although sorry but still self-maintenance of the letter to him this "brother." He said: "There is no self-care, abandon violence arrogant, Mianmu order to mentor" Is tao reply, ray ban sunglasses reiterated the love and respect, but described him as "willful so that gas, not a little self-tolerance, as Life, deeply rooted into account disaster, but also hinder the success of the cause of the foot. " ray ban sunglasses himself, and reply to refute old sharp words, there is prejudice, too impulsive, but self-supporting: "Life younger brother of the disease, extreme care, it is life and death of the best friend of trouble, no entertainment perfunctory ordinary turn of good . "ray ban sunglasses's strengths - the revolutionary cause persist focused, very tall - became one of his weaknesses. By the endJanuary 11, he once again a bold move to declare his sincerity - went to Wuhan, put himself into the hands of the Kuomintang leftists and communists, trying to convince the Executive will move to Nanchang. Borodin in the Executive Committee welcomed Chiang's receptions, repeated insinuations dictators and warlords in pursuit of power. Borodin "almost immediately" afraid to put it too far. Soon after