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ray ban cockpit very tall - became one of his weaknesses. By the end of October, Chen rate of PLA Second Army entered Guangzhou, people given a warm welcome. ray ban sunglasses is still in front of the Clique warlords remnants of war, but on November 12 arrived in cheap ray ban sen to report the next day to return to his hometown in Zheray ban sunglasses, to visit sick mother. Month, Sun Yat-sen first naval fleet get support, returned to Guangzhou from cheap ray ban; behold, he and Chen immediately to the future direction of the new government of Guangzhou disagreements occur. Sun claims to have a strong central government, to prepare for early initiation of the Northern Expedition, the overthrow of the Northern Warlords. hope to concentrate on the construction of a model of Guangdong Province, advocated peace agreement to promote the "federalist.ray ban sunglasses from Xikou sent telegrams to the Sun, urging military action as soon as possible in order to occupy the entire Guangxi province, to prepare for the expedition. Sun asked him to return to work, but he blithely replied: "This hand-Guangdong Pentecost, did not hear a mobilization order issued, the apprenticeship period is to be given if, when no call came soon effect also.." Nineteen by the end of April 2021, Guangxi warlords to give Beijing government support, scored again in Guangdong. May 10, ray ban sunglasses finally arrived in Guangzhou see Sun Yat-sen. However, on May 24 night, he dreamed of "snow several feet deep, one white," that this is dying mother omen, and quickly ran back home. Ms. Wang Tai died on June 4. XuChongZhi led the PLA Second Army against GuiJun; GuiJun into confusion, the commander abandonment escape. PLA has several biplane, but no bombs, defeat the enemy chasing throw wood. XuChongZhi led his troops into Guangxi, and soon, unexpectedly, the PLA and the Guangzhou government official controls all major cities in Guangxi. May 4, President of Sun Yat-sen complex that launched the Northern Expedition, the time is ripe for a unified country. He moved to the headquarters of the provincial capital of Guangxi Guilin beautiful landscape.Although the southern military victory, Chiang remained in Xikou comply ancient ritual for the mother mourning. He planned the funeral, cemetery selected. In the meandering trails leading edge halfway Xuedou Si, ray ban sunglasses built a pavilion for themselves, to sit with mountain view. He had spent many days meditating meditation booth, Sun Yat-sen anxious urging him to ignore the correspondence back to Guilin. At this time, ray ban sunglasses could "more mature understanding of their strengths and weaknesses," he often set out the shortcomings in the diary on his personality and behavior ingrained. Although often reflect, he will inevitably bragging, self-righteous and arrogant. He's impatient and strict law people, peers and subordinates often so unpleasant. The boss though appreciative of his strong-willed, but also from time to time will be irritated his unruly behavior. Furthermore, even though they have satisfied a room side room, he is still good fishing color, frequents brothels. Of course for a young officer, these are hardly unusual behavior, but by no means should the lu. ray ban sunglasses thought for a long walks in the mountains, for their development of a new life plan, determined to set an example of Neo-Confucian ideals - Zhengxintai We, deliberative resourceful. Although only thirty-four, in Sun Yat-sen camp is only middle-ranking officers, but his own mission has been clearly seen - he is destined to be one of the greats of modern China. Perhaps this time he has seen that you are going to shoulder the sacred mission, will be under the command of the army of the Northern Expedition leader Sun Yat-sen

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ray ban cockpit she also sent a letter to congratulate him. When the revolutionary army north, often taken away by the local gentry and landowners for the rates, the militia controlled militia, the result is now behind in the revolutionary army, the creation of farmers' associations CPC greater gains, local officials in many places but lost power. According to the narrative, the young leadership of the Chinese Communist Party cadres usually nothing new to the group of villagers, such as the unemployed, beggars, mercenaries and so on. They led a group of peasant struggle poorest landowners and other class enemies, and on the "gentry" held a mass public trial. In his book "Peasant Movement in Hunan Report", he said: "A revolution is not a dinner party, but a class act of violence to overthrow another class." He said: "Quality words, every rural must create a short-term terrorist phenomenon.November 1926, Chiang Kai-gallon commander and other officers of the Soviet Union en route to rest in the Northern Expedition Christian churches have been attacked and looted. Greene and his wife Ruth some missionary friends under the "just naked clothes" fled Changsha. January 26, the US consul in Changsha, John Carter Vincent (JohnCarterVincent) urged Greene and four children at night secretly to a tugboat, it will take them to find another downstream of a British cruise. Greene family then fled successfully at midnight with the assistance of medical students at the school, but vowed to return.CPC Central Committee tried to stop in the countryside these early signs of leakage through misconduct, but not successfully. Soviet military advisers in Hunan these poor farmers under attack have landed gentry and the revolutionary army, worried. In fact many army commander ousted Communist Party membership for Lands, Lands and replaced with non-Communist membership, urging poor peasant uprising and return confiscated land. By the end of 1926, Chiang Kai-shek controlled from Guangxi and Vietnam border onwards, west to Sichuan (local warlord has formally joined the revolution), north reach of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, east to the vast tracts of land in northern Fujian. ray ban sunglasses surprisingly defeated warlord period has been attributed to "spontaneous uprising people, Nationalist troops make homeopathic occupation" has won a place. 66 But when Chinese newspapers, regardless of Chinese and foreign, are described as popular support for the revolutionary army was "scattered, with its whim, not positive." Expedition has been able to pit one against ten, mainly the Revolutionary Armed Forces discipline is good. ray ban sunglasses was soon moved to the military headquarters in Nanchang. Meanwhile in Guangzhou side, the KMT in the Session liberals, including Soong, Soong siblings, worried Chiang shining power, prestige Sunrise, inevitably establishing a military dictatorship. Let them worry that ray ban sunglasses Zhongshan warship incident immediately after the operation, if elected to the Executive Chairman and continue to clear the Kuomintang Communist Party organs at all levels and departments. Each army commander was also afraid of him understand ray ban sunglasses made dictatorial control, therefore, no further consolidate action Chiang own power. Left KMT combined with the Communist Party, now in control of the Executive Council; October, the Executive will pass a resolution to Chiang centralized political power after the Zhongshan warship incident, secretly express their dissatisfaction. But was even, between November, it will vote in the Session and the KMT Central Committee moved to Wuhan, near the Northern Expedition grasp the situation, and the local environment are more conducive to trade unions. ray ban sunglasses in his diary at first welcomed the CPC Central Committee and the Kuomintang moved north

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ray ban cockpit have shown remarkable. He seemed loyal, they are not afraid to express dissent to the Supreme Leader. Despite the limited access to education by ray ban sunglasses, but studious thoughtful, willing to study world affairs, the new social situation in Russia can be eloquent, and also proposed a Northern Expedition plan; he is very courageous and honest positive; there is an advantage that, in addition to Zhang Jingray ban sunglasses wealthy, he had no other patron, background innocence, and only Tai Chi-tao, Zhang Qun and a few friends, no cliques. Such a person, nothing would prevent him wholeheartedly loyal to Sun Yat-sen and the revolutionary cause. These conditions are a key ray ban sunglasses rise. ? Sun Yat-sen once again suffered defeat, but he is still optimistic - he has a worthy new supporters expect, and even can be said that by far the most important new ally. The previous year (1921), on behalf of the Communist International and Sun meeting recommended that the Soviet Union may cooperate with the new reorganization of the Chinese Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China earlier this year, has just set up in cheap ray ban to pull over , and the Kuomintang set up a united front. Marin Sun promised, the Soviet Union can provide a lot of military weapons and supplies to aid the Kuomintang, has been desperate for Sun Japan and Western powers such assistance, the smell of rejoicing.Although the Sun and the Communists refused a united front, but he agreed to let the Communist Party of China and the Socialist Youth League members to join the KMT. The Chinese Communist Party also adhere to the Communist International correction lower position, he agreed to accept the united front, and its members joined the KMT in their personal capacity, a "group within the KMT." This decision of the Soviet Union, reflecting its hopes with such a leader Sun Yat-sen's socialist ideology, the KMT will accept the influence of communism. Russians also feel that they need to have a strong, united and friendly China, as a bastion of resistance to the forefront of the UK and Japan; all the forces in China, the KMT is more likely to contribute to the political parties to achieve this goal. This time, the Chinese Communist Party only hundred twenty and three members, Marin do not feel it is important to the organization. KMT itself, although only a few thousand members, but they covers the professional soldiers, writers, teachers and scholars, as well as the emerging merchant class patriotic and financiers. Most importantly, the KMT army. The Soviet Union that the Communists join the Kuomintang, also allows a minority of the Communist Party of respect and trust. January 17, 1923, senior Soviet diplomat Joffe (AdolphAȘ±Joffe) met in cheap ray ban sen, set up a detailed cooperation plan, including the number of ammunition and cash in Moscow to provide weapons permit Communist Party of China (personal capacity) joined the KMT and KMT in accordance with the Marxist-Leninist line completely reorganized. At this time, ray ban sunglasses wrote a long letter to the Sun, stating his political strategy point of view. He said, in an effort to national unity, for the leadership of the revolution, the KMT "head seeking regime then implemented doctrine", or "wish to use Chinese-style politicians, such as Tan, Tang, Li, Sun, designed for reunification of China Otherwise ready. " Sun agreed to this, then resumed his own name rather than the title of Marshal of the president. He believes that the military is the highest priority at present fighting. Sun delegate XuChongZhi of Chiang Kai-shek as the chief of staff, in October, after ray ban sunglasses arrived in Fujian, the first suggestion is to send more agents to bribe senior officers Chen men. ray ban sunglasses early on when he participated in the KMT's underground work