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ray ban replacement lenses President of Sun Yat-sen complex that launched the Northern Expedition, the time is ripe for a unified country. He moved to the headquarters of the provincial capital of Guangxi Guilin beautiful landscape.Although the southern military victory, Chiang remained in Xikou comply ancient ritual for the mother mourning. He planned the funeral, cemetery selected. In the meandering trails leading edge halfway Xuedou Si, ray ban sunglasses built a pavilion for themselves, to sit with mountain view. He had spent many days meditating meditation booth, Sun Yat-sen anxious urging him to ignore the correspondence back to Guilin. At this time, ray ban sunglasses could "more mature understanding of their strengths and weaknesses," he often set out the shortcomings in the diary on his personality and behavior ingrained. Although often reflect, he will inevitably bragging, self-righteous and arrogant. He's impatient and strict law people, peers and subordinates often so unpleasant. The boss though appreciative of his strong-willed, but also from time to time will be irritated his unruly behavior. Furthermore, even though they have satisfied a room side room, he is still good fishing color, frequents brothels. Of course for a young officer, these are hardly unusual behavior, but by no means should the lu. ray ban sunglasses thought for a long walks in the mountains, for their development of a new life plan, determined to set an example of Neo-Confucian ideals - Zhengxintai We, deliberative resourceful. Although only thirty-four, in Sun Yat-sen camp is only middle-ranking officers, but his own mission has been clearly seen - he is destined to be one of the greats of modern China. Perhaps this time he has seen that you are going to shoulder the sacred mission, will be under the command of the army of the Northern Expedition leader Sun Yat-sen, a unified country. His heart even faint thought that in the more distant future, they may inherit, aged 56, the body is still healthy sen position. While this may be in the distant future. To prepare for this leadership role, he must restrain himself, to self-reflection, self-discipline to control his rash, impetuous bad temper.During this period, ray ban sunglasses and his two sons emotional closeness than in previous years. Weiguo only five years old, so spoiled like the case of necessity, the country has been eleven years old, you have strict discipline. However, ray ban sunglasses is still time and day out through the country to get along, he took on Xuedou Si Ching-kuo, travel thousands of feet of rock falls. ray ban sunglasses said: "The children can be taught by the weft children cute." In early September, ray ban sunglasses finally leave the south to Guilin to the Sun report. On his way to stay in cheap ray ban, and Chen Guofu discuss their investments in recent crash situation. A few months ago, ray ban sunglasses also because the market recovering since last December and heartened. But the cheap ray ban Securities chant but now one has a closed, brokers went bankrupt, some people (including Chiang's a friend, co-investors) and even committed suicide. Chiang himself from started to invest up to 1922 crash, probably the loss of two hundred thousand silver (possibly Mexico Eagle Ocean). Before long, Chiang's creditors began to recover owed him two thousand five hundred silver dollars, Sun is helping to send him some money, and the remaining debt is written off by friends and mediate. Green Gang Summit Chiang Huang Jinrong invited "more than fifty creditors" food, ask them to remember the young officer's debt to him (yellow) head. According to Huang Jinrong saying, guests look on his face, are willing to write off, so Chiang worship at his door when the "apprentice." Chiang blame themselves inattentive

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ray ban replacement lenses Japan was able to defeat big European countries is an encouraging event, which may also be touched Chiang determination Toubicongrong, determined to do the revolutionary party rather than to defend the main reason for the Qing court.three years, he transferred to the Ningbo arrow. Mao Fumei read along, but a few months later, ray ban sunglasses suspected her rustic, and sent her back to her mother waited Xikou. In February 1906, ray ban sunglasses apparently admired both teachers of New Confucianism nor conservative, decided to back Fenghua Longin school. Gu encourage students to read the new Wang Yangming (Zheray ban sunglasses, 1472-1529), Tseng (Hunan, 1811-1872) writings. Wang Yangming advocates know yourself, in order to have moral practice, know and can do, it makes sense morality. However, as a "Confucian gentry," he also stressed that integrity, honesty and loyalty. Wang's philosophy seems probable cause youth Chiang resonance. is Longjin school teacher, dormitory just with ray ban sunglasses on the same floor; he remembered the eighteen-year-old student up early every day, stand at attention in the front bedroom hallway for half an hour, pursed lips, eyes firm, arms Baoxiong, engrossed in His target.In Longin school only for a few months, ray ban sunglasses Bianxiang family report that he went to Japan to. He cut off the braids to show resolute anti, a move that friends, neighbors shocked. Chiang eighteen already a revolutionary youth. A year later, various anti-Qaeda leaders and a group of students at the Tokyo meeting, the formation of a new revolutionary group "Alliance", Sun Yat-sen was elected prime minister. At this time, Sun has developed its collection of modern political theory and practice culmination of "Three People's Principles", he stressed nationalism, democracy and people's livelihood. This is a moderate platform, reflected the Western intellectual trend.The young wife of Chiang Kai-shek lost again at home, at their own expense to Tokyo to learn Japanese, an insight into this exceptionally clean and orderly country, it seems that regardless of the railway, police, utilities, of course, the army, everything has a use efficiency. 28 ray ban sunglasses period can at their own expense to study, in addition to showing his inherited estates outside must still quite savings. But he can not enter the yearning military school, we had to turn back home, apply for competitive Baoding Military Academy. ray ban sunglasses admitted after receiving military education in Baoding about a year, and soon they get to Japan to attend military official fee. He once again to Tokyo, Japan to enter the admission of aspiring to study in the Chinese Military Academy Preparatory School students - Zhenwu school. ray ban sunglasses due to very tall, popular classmates bad, but also to make a few friends, of which there was also from Baoding Military Qun Sichuan students, and later his lifelong close friend; another student Yingqin Guizhou, later has been is important generals Chiang. Holiday, Chiang and his companions at the meeting restaurant drinking, occasionally Guangyao Zi. ray ban sunglasses during this period to develop a hobby like beautiful prostitute, beauty often made him head over heels.Do not go to school days, he kept in contact with the key players from Zheray ban sunglasses ho League. ray ban sunglasses first time in Japan that is to get to know ho. Ho introduced by ray ban sunglasses and his friends to join the League, Chen became Chiang's "big brother", the way he was carrying. ray ban sunglasses also became acquainted with studying law at Hosei University in Japan youth tao. Dai is a determined resolute

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ray ban replacement lenses and wrote a letter to his mother, claiming devotion to the revolution, to ask her to forgive can not filial. In fact, in Zheray ban sunglasses uprising in Chiang only a small role. November 4, 1911, uprising army occupied the provincial capital of each new important buildings, ray ban sunglasses led the death squads, while also join the fray, did not encounter much resistance; Qing governor had fled to cheap ray ban, defensive garrison We will at the last minute decided to join the revolution. ray ban sunglasses's performance may be fine, but set out the uprising planning, execution content provincial capital communique did not mention him.Hangzhou day before the attack, ho led forces (including the three thousand youth gang congregation) captured cheap ray ban Fu Ya, police and Kiangnan. Block roof covered with thousands of overnight Revolutionaries "colored flag", excited people crowded the streets. Soon, that five hundred thousand men have cut braids. ray ban sunglasses returned to cheap ray ban and found her brother ho has been crowned as the cheap ray ban military captaincy. It is said that Chen had been appointed as head of the cheap ray ban army ray ban sunglasses fifth group. However, there are so many Japanese cadets return to participate in the uprising, more likely, Chen confessed ray ban sunglasses tried to try to keep him in death squads that support fishermen and the congregation, to recruit soldiers, trying to build a disciplined force. Chen also instruct commanders men raised their pay to maintain troops. is it self-cultivation, self-discipline and self-examination emphasis and focus on responsibility, courage, honor and proactive, rather than negative meditation. To foster these principles, in order to become Exalted. Neo-Confucian ideas about tradition but also to encourage ethical behavior and social responsibility of Confucianism. Confucian view of morality is the political order, based on a political goal - to create a harmonious and orderly one world. This belief thousands of years to build, so the extended family living in crowded, with blood-based agricultural society, although independent farming, households, and also rely on community infrastructure and jointly maintain order. Chiang's influence political views and career, and even affect to the 20th century all the second force other Chinese leaders, is sixty years earlier, "the imperial state" has repeatedly lost territory, sovereignty and self-esteem of the painful experience. When Chiang Kai-shek was born, Manchu established the Qing Dynasty ruled China has nearly 250 years as ruler of the Empire, although full of people to keep their own national language, prohibit Man-Han intermarriage, but adopted many of Chinese culture. And previous alien dynasty, they rely on the ruling system Han minister, rural elite gentry of cooperation. However, the Qing Dynasty in the 1840s, before the Western powers gunboats, defeated; these Westerners not only looks quite different from the Han Chinese, but also not as accepting of Chinese culture full of people or other ethnic groups in China The dominance. Repeated defeat and humiliating record, it is terrible. Half of the nineteenth century, Western powers forced China to accept all kinds of military forces Pingshi humiliation included allowing the importation of opium; the early years of the twentieth century, the number of people smoking opium China has reached tens of millions of the public. Weak Qing government was forced to accept the "extraterritoriality", the jurisdiction of Westerners in China crime transferring powers to embassies and consulates, and open treaty ports