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ray ban sale won a majority of seats in the new parliament elections. But in August, in Beijing after four weeks of negotiations, Sun announced that Yuan should be allowed to be president a decade, and immediately accepted the Yuan awarded to his national railway supervision post.In this case, the cheap ray ban military captaincy ho resigned this important positions of power, Chiang kai went to Japan together. They may be worried about the assassination before going abroad. Although they strongly disagree with the Sun in cooperation with the Yuan, but still to be agreed and asked the Sun before going abroad. Chen, ray ban sunglasses this time has been taken into account that there may launch a "second revolution" necessary, but Sun, Yuan's political agreement will last several years seems long. ray ban sunglasses was hurried, secret return to cheap ray ban, together with Yao Ye Cheng hurriedly went to Japan. March 1913, the KMT won the election control of Congress, but also so that the relationship between Yuan suddenly tense, resulting in the generation of energetic chairman of Song Jiaoren being assassinated, apparently the government's spy Yuan I should do. Immediate collapse of the fragile coalition government, Sun Yat-sen then launch a "second revolution." Ho, Chiang sneak into cheap ray ban, ray ban sunglasses called for the old unit (including the Green Gang public) organizations Yuan Jun. But the Green Gang is Yuan Fang cheap ray ban may also be bought European authorities, he refused to participate in Taoyuan revolution. After all, only the anti-gang not support democracy and the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty was not it? According friendly biographer of record, ray ban sunglasses Yingyong attack Kiangnan and Wusong fortress defeat, almost captured, but he and his associates managed to escape along disguise. Yuan launched raids, killing thousands of people who support the KMT, KMT even Members of Congress were not spared. He ordered the dissolution of the KMT, the KMT apprehend ho and other leaders. ray ban sunglasses then fame is not big enough, also not on the wanted list. i-corruption priority, the first to focus on maintaining the unity of his men Pinliu complex civil and military officials and loyalty. He had no choice. However, it is important that he made in 1925 after the National Revolutionary Army commander posts, immediately stopped the financial reform, the fact shows that: although it is understood Chiang army and government corruption and problems terrible consequences, but he had not succeeded in anti-corruption. This situation continued until he retreated Taiwan before 1949. August 20, 1925, Liao Zhongkai attended the Kuomintang Central Executive Committee meeting in Guangzhou, just to get off a few people come out from the shadows, shot him. After Chiang Kai-shek is eligible for news, on the day of the diary noted: this should be the mastermind behind the British lines. Under Borodin's proposal, the national government by the Wang Jingwei, XuChongZhi and Chiang Kai-shek to form a special committee to investigate the matter. Chiang posture after birth the younger generation suddenly leapt three key players within the party, and the party leaders were to be recognized as the most conservative Hu were excluded. In fact, soon I discovered the assassination of a prime suspect was actually Zhongkai Hu's cousin, who fled before being summoned to Guangzhou.The survey also found that in a group of Kuomintang and the PLA conservative conspiracy to eradicate leftist Canton. Central Political Council ordered XuChongZhi - one in charge of the investigation of the three members - men sentenced to death several senior officers. It XuChongZhi not considered directly related to the Liao case, but soon cropped up another accusation - that he allegedly had secret contacts with Chen. On the morning of September twentieth

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ray ban sale bankers and other respectable citizens. Sun himself that is in touch with the party in Guangdong Province will close. ray ban sunglasses combat missions for the first time very excited. He has been looking forward to that day, and wrote a letter to his mother, claiming devotion to the revolution, to ask her to forgive can not filial. In fact, in Zheray ban sunglasses uprising in Chiang only a small role. November 4, 1911, uprising army occupied the provincial capital of each new important buildings, ray ban sunglasses led the death squads, while also join the fray, did not encounter much resistance; Qing governor had fled to cheap ray ban, defensive garrison We will at the last minute decided to join the revolution. ray ban sunglasses's performance may be fine, but set out the uprising planning, execution content provincial capital communique did not mention him.Hangzhou day before the attack, ho led forces (including the three thousand youth gang congregation) captured cheap ray ban Fu Ya, police and Kiangnan. Block roof covered with thousands of overnight Revolutionaries "colored flag", excited people crowded the streets. Soon, that five hundred thousand men have cut braids. ray ban sunglasses returned to cheap ray ban and found her brother ho has been crowned as the cheap ray ban military captaincy. It is said that Chen had been appointed as head of the cheap ray ban army ray ban sunglasses fifth group. However, there are so many Japanese cadets return to participate in the uprising, more likely, Chen confessed ray ban sunglasses tried to try to keep him in death squads that support fishermen and the congregation, to recruit soldiers, trying to build a disciplined force. Chen also instruct commanders men raised their pay to maintain troops. sixty thousand silver (silver category is unknown). With this sum, Chiang boat to Hong Kong, then rent a boat along the Pearl River and on. June 29, 1922, ray ban sunglasses boarded by Huangpu Park "Yong Feng", and Sun join. ray ban sunglasses then took "the company ship," the command, ordered it to sail downstream. Five weeks later, when the PLA troops fighting the Second Army and Chen, "the company ship" docked in the sweltering river port on the White Swan Pond. But the ship SUN unit received a report that Chen has defeated XuChongZhi and loyal Sun Yunnan, Guizhou and ally. August 9, the British warship carrying agree sen a pedestrian to Hong Kong to Hong Kong and then transferred to cheap ray ban after them.ray ban sunglasses boarded "the company ship" and Sun Yat-sen alone, is ray ban sunglasses Yisheng career turning point. Obviously, since the Sun more in mind for him. Chiang battlefield commander, chief of staff involved in the multi-unit, and urban guerrilla warfare, undercover operations (involving two piles assassination) and other underground work, have shown remarkable. He seemed loyal, they are not afraid to express dissent to the Supreme Leader. Despite the limited access to education by ray ban sunglasses, but studious thoughtful, willing to study world affairs, the new social situation in Russia can be eloquent, and also proposed a Northern Expedition plan; he is very courageous and honest positive; there is an advantage that, in addition to Zhang Jingray ban sunglasses wealthy, he had no other patron, background innocence, and only Tai Chi-tao, Zhang Qun and a few friends, no cliques. Such a person, nothing would prevent him wholeheartedly loyal to Sun Yat-sen and the revolutionary cause. These conditions are a key ray ban sunglasses rise. ? Sun Yat-sen once again suffered defeat, but he is still optimistic - he has a worthy new supporters expect, and even can be said that by far the most important new ally. The previous year (1921)

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ray ban sale no experience, will lose money, but added that this did nothing discouraged. Just like with the military and political defeat as the Chiang Kang Zhu significant loss of personal wealth, and then completely indifferent. This time, the mall experience makes Chiang ideologically more left-leaning than usual, and more focused on the revolution and military career. Soon after, he tried to open schools in Xikou, accommodating local children, but according to his diary, it was a certain village gentry obstruction. He swore, unless the village gentry died, otherwise he would not return home. He also observed that, to transform China, must terminate gentry, business rule. In fact, among the Chiang long life, he did not much capitalists and capitalism goodwill. However, he always believed that communism can not be implemented in China, the class struggle is a harmful concept; and the rich elite and the wealthy gentry, then and warlords, the secret societies, is able to make good use of and exchanges of real power. For his revolutionary career, ray ban sunglasses now think it is "very bright immense." ray ban sunglasses in cheap ray ban met a young woman with Chen's; two years ago, she was only thirteen years old, ray ban sunglasses has a crush on her. Chen's father was a paper merchant, has always supported the KMT, according to her statement Chiang met her at a party in her home after a few days about her lunch. After dinner, ray ban sunglasses lure her to the hotel, but she was smart to run away. Later, ray ban sunglasses tried to persuade Chen mother, so clean as to be his side room - Chen insists in his memoirs that marry her. 123 Chen mother has given no reply, ray ban sunglasses then had to go back Xikou arrange the funeral of the mother of Ms. Wang Tai.After his mother died, just off the Mao Fumei ray ban sunglasses. Chiang to Mao Mao Mao Qing brother wrote to say: "For decades, Wen tramp, see figure, and serve to stimulate .clever Ruxiong, and believe me to be able to be happy, I am free of pain for life." After the Mao divorced, ray ban sunglasses is still money to subsidize Yao Ye Cheng lives. Although he may abandon her expense, but with gratitude for her willingness to support Weiguo, then arranged for her to live with her home Weiguo Suzhou. Meanwhile, Chen's mother promised her daughter entrusted to Chiang. Chen's claim that the two of them in the December 5, 1921 to get married. Six years later, has been honored for the KMT leader Chiang, marry Kai-shek, he publicly declared his concubine Chen's case is not the principal wife. No matter how they get to know when, fell in love, according to Chen's statement, which is an unusual contingency. Chen and claims to have contracted sexually transmitted diseases during their honeymoon, this experience is not made out of her. She said that ray ban sunglasses was shown repentance, vowed never to drink, coffee or tea. Since then, ray ban sunglasses really drink boiled water, not drink or tea. ray ban sunglasses new frugal lifestyle is probably from the beginning of the period, including Chen's show loyalty, eat simple food every day, Ningbo, develop a daily habit early hours, in addition to the ceremony needs, usually wearing military civilian clothes, do not wear medals only in the chest strap hanging Pershing or simply dressed in tunic or robe. These habits are very good giving a strong impression of penance, a symbol of his maturity, self-discipline and seriousness. These and later became his distinctive behavior traits.ray ban sunglasses immediately return to the PLA Second Army chief of staff job, busy planning to attack the Northern Expedition Hunan, ray ban sunglassesxi combat. But in this case