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ray ban sunglasses for women and finally in wet Christmas boat returned to cheap ray ban, with direct access to the residence of the French Concession. Visitors have come to the parties, including one for the "New York Herald" (NewYorkHerald) as a reporter in the Australian youth Donald (WilliamHenryDonald), fromis the Alliance's consultant. With vision, full of ideals of Sun Yat-sen and pragmatic Donald immediately befriends. Decades later, Donald said his role was "guided" Sun, "like a Dutch uncle to his lecture"; but the KMT senior officials describe Donald mainly involved in public affairs, and some even doubt that he had secretly working for the British. At least, he is an interesting witness, witness in the next twenty-five years many events. December 29, revolutionaries convened by the Alliance-led interim parliament in Nanjing. Restoration League summit Tao Cheng wanted to Zheray ban sunglasses captaincy, but ho insisted person appointed by the League. The two sides dispute intense fear of life-threatening Tao Cheng withdrew and hid in a hospital, but their whereabouts or be isolated ray ban sunglasses. Chen sent a killer on January 12, 1912 to sneak into the pottery room, he will be killed. ray ban sunglasses hinted that he did not plan the assassination, but "the responsibility, so as not to implicate ho." The newspaper did not mention ray ban sunglasses was involved in this murder, which represents perhaps the incident he was not present.January 6, Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing interim parliament elected provisional president. At this time, the Sun Prime Minister and Qing assignment, the control of former military leader among North Yuan long political confrontation seemed inevitable. In addition to Japan, the big powers want the Sun to step down. Later, things have unexpected developments in achieving lifelong dream, to become interim president sixteen days after the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen promised to resign to make way for Yuan. Sun is willing to make painful concessions to achieve a coalition government, achieving national unity; the selflessness of great action reflects his lofty ideals and political naive. Chiang and Chen Qimei as strongly do not agree, the decision to resign Sun, but Sun Yat-sen this situation, do not care about the style of personal power and position, so that ray ban sunglasses Dawei admire; he later life many times to follow. March 12, Yuan Shikai officially took over as president, but he is only half of the Qing army has a clear dispatching authority. Subsequently, Sun has made a big mistake in hindsight but decision: Agrees to Beijing as the national capital, the interim government should be moved north. Ho to remain in cheap ray ban military captaincy (the most important provincial position), ray ban sunglasses also continue training in cheap ray ban, raise rates. But the passion of the revolution has ended, the young officer spent a lot of time discussing politics and ho, Tai Chi-tao and a few colleagues in Japan. Chiang's getting impatient spin circles everyone knows. Ho home is located near the racetrack Macho International Settlement Road (MohawkRoad), one day to visit Chen ray ban sunglasses, a guard would not let him the door, ray ban sunglasses actually attacked and beat the guards. It angered meal lambasted Chen Chiang, "Some people," Chen also advised to get rid of the young man. However, ho belligerent military leaders apparently believe it is not hampered. I also know that ray ban sunglasses impatient trouble: he has also repeatedly blame for rickshaw and other ordinary people angry.ray ban sunglasses's personal life during this period there are several important changes. One day

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ray ban sunglasses for women peasant associations and even the military political cadres.At this point the idea of ??the Northern Expedition ray ban sunglasses soon launch more resolute, and he is expected to start if repeated victory, politicians, academics and the business community will unite to support him. He also knew, though the CPSU, the CPC thought he was just "jump from just a nobody," "self-proclaimed Napoleon," but once he launched the Northern Expedition, they have no choice, we can only support him. ray ban sunglasses strength of the first, seventh and fourth in three Army assumed the main task of fighting all the way to the Northern Expedition. In addition to the First Army, other military forces have warlord background. June, anti-KMT Hunan warlord, the biggest one division commander led his troops defected Tang Sheng-chih, was awarded the designation of the Eighth Army. Chiang's strategy is to take Hunan, occupying nearly 500 kilometers north of the Yangtze River city of Wuhan, and the left-leaning warlords "Christian General" Feng (in the water for baptizing soldiers, asking them to Christianity fame) joint, go down to Beijing to advance. Changsha-American missionary doctors Phil Greene (PhilGreene) mentioned in the book at home, Hunan there are many "little kingdom" separatism, each idle military leaders and groups of soldiers. In fact, Hunan Province alone twenty-three warlords, the National Revolutionary Army north, they are not caught on and fled, it is to join the ranks of the revolutionary army. Chiang's officers declared that "invincible."July 11, the National Revolutionary Army to enter a team of young students in Changsha, trailing down. One day next month, Xiangya Hospital (Yaleª²inª²ChinaXiangYaHospital) surgeon Greene received military headquarters sent a message: "immediately sent a dentist to take care of chairman." Xiangya Hospital by Western trained Chinese dentist had fled to cheap ray ban Therefore Greene personally visits. After waiting for several hours, "came a man, usually dressed in a white shirt, gray trousers, Chinese shoes." Alan thought he was a messenger, asked the name of the patient only said: "surname ray ban sunglasses." Greene explained, although he is not a dentist, but extraction for him. ray ban sunglasses said:. "Then pull it," Greene said ray ban sunglasses unlike most Chinese people "East asked the West to ask," very simply. Three days later chairman Xiangya Hospital set up across a brand new, fully equipped, two hundred military hospital beds, all Americans admire. This is a welcome sign. Greene believes that perhaps a dream come true eventually - China resumed full sovereignty, rebuild self-esteem, welcomed foreigners willing to lend a helping hand. ray ban sunglasses command Hubei National Revolutionary Army offensive immediately. The next battle in Wuhan, has been very appreciate Chiang Li Tsung-jen, admiration commander "calmly" front line, "afraid of the dark passing bullet." By the end of October, the revolutionary army has defeated the warlords in Hubei, Wuhan captured. Meanwhile, the first Army Yingqin Fujian appeasement also led into Zheray ban sunglasses. Fujian and Zheray ban sunglasses provinces immediately announced allegiance to the Kuomintang warlords, Chiang Li also be incorporated. Later, ray ban sunglasses repeated Zhaoray ban sunglassesnapan, generosity, the subsequent political problems later headaches. This is the Sun Yat-sen's old policy, ray ban sunglasses suffered enough to make it in the future, but at this moment, he felt nothing he can count. Expedition Way, Chiang rates with the main force headquarters staff travel, often on horseback, even also litters (because there is no truck). No matter where you are

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ray ban sunglasses for women when the Kuomintang leader Chiang has become, at the beginning of the Qing altogether, he visited the old Japanese division long Gang Gaishi general. When the leave, ray ban sunglasses left an inscription "live teacher education" to Nagaoka. Nagaoka believe that this is the secret of success of ray ban sunglasses: "loyalty, gratitude." 1911 summer, autumn, ho busy planning in various cities in the Yangtze River Basin (including Wuhan) uprising. ray ban sunglasses to lower aide involved in the capture of Zheray ban sunglasses Province plans. However, the October 9 underground bomb factory in Wuhan revolutionaries accidental explosion of a bomb, causing the Qing attention. Then ray ban sunglasses in Japan, the Qing Zhen Ji League members seized the roster, the new army began arresting the revolutionaries. October 10, the eighth town New Army revolutionaries firing uprising.Thus the revolution broke out. New Army senior officers have responded provinces became de facto political leaders or military governor. There are a few cases by gang leaders and military units cooperate grabbed control. Although not yet officially named, China has entered the "Warlords." After Chiang Kai-shek's army uprising Wuhan hear news, and Zhang Qun and other one hundred and twenty-Chinese military academy students from the camp immediately, return the uniforms wing, trying to return home as soon as possible. Twenty-four of Chiang Kai-shek, has a residence in Japan for three years, to read Japanese, he speaks Japanese is not a problem. In addition to one-night stands, he was mostly in Chinese communities live, and not make real friends in Japan, but the Japanese influence on him a lot, Gerry strengthen some innate tendency, since he retains a strong sense of military discipline, revolutionary zeal and loyalty to the doctrine and leaders. These qualities add up, so that he particularly insisted political beliefs, personal courage and honesty. He believes that the spirit of Bushido unfailing success is mainly due to Japan's military, but he also recognized that the success of the modernization of Japan, with Japanese life from the rail systems, education and manufacturing fields, everything attention to discipline, efficiency points not open. Throughout his life, ray ban sunglasses think patriotism and national spirit - especially national identity above the family, personal life and property - is the key to restore China's dignity and status in the world. The problem is that China seems to lack the willpower to create such an army required public and fervent nationalism. Sun Yat-sen Chinese lament like "a mess." Chiang Kai-shek, Zhang Qun and others aboard the Japanese freighter from Nagasaki, the Japanese concession in cheap ray ban landing pier. cheap ray ban three-quarters of the site is the foreign concessions, but the Chinese still the city's population to 95 per cent. The main road foreign traders pooled Huangpu River Bay, and commercial street of Nanjing Road, all kinds of Chinese people bustling: foreign comprador across it, leaving long braids, wearing robes of local merchants also out of the marketplace. Western financiers, the Japanese businessman was also wearing a black suit, embellishment; a few foreigners have been emerging trendy cars, and push scooters, as well as a human rickshaw coolie bamboo stir up the burden of fighting the road. However, cheap ray ban's lifeblood is in the hundreds of urban alley alleys, at any time before midnight, there are tens of thousands of traders, workers, housewives, artisans, students, staff and the unemployed, in a steady stream of shuttle among row after row of fruit stand, noodle, wonton stalls