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ray ban wayfarer probably do not want to widen the gap. Two months later, the KMT intramolecular ray ban sunglasses, a non-conjugated school in ray ban sunglassesxi Province, Lushan meeting. Lushan is a mountain resort in ray ban sunglassesxi Province, south of the Yangtze Xiongzhi. ray ban sunglasses again the parties in order to eliminate worries about his personal ambitions at the meeting seconded a proposal to relieve themselves in the position of executive committee chairman, and as earlier as calling Wang Jingwei home, restored relations with the Party. Perhaps these actions are approved too hypocritical, but his diary and temper judgment, he may want to make compromises within the KMT, including non-conjugated who included Wang can unite - which is trying to suppress the forces necessary step before the Communist Party. He wrote in his diary, he is eager to capture "the Yangtze River," Wuhan stabilize and develop the economy. January 11, he once again a bold move to declare his sincerity - went to Wuhan, put himself into the hands of the Kuomintang leftists and communists, trying to convince the Executive will move to Nanchang. Borodin in the Executive Committee welcomed Chiang's receptions, repeated insinuations dictators and warlords in pursuit of power. Borodin "almost immediately" afraid to put it too far. Soon after, the representative of the Soviet Union sent a letter to Li Tsung-jen, the proposed Lee instead, as commander in chief of the Northern Expedition. Lee worried that if the KMT's new leader ray ban sunglasses forced to step down, the CCP will take advantage of to be rejected. Because he hated the Communist Party, but also to protect themselves against Borodin's letters have been intercepted, Lee is likely to report this to Chiang on contact. At this very worried ray ban sunglasses, insomnia for several days, four degrees confided in his diary suicidal thoughts, hope to die Ming, "self-help so that our countrymen to rise to its peril." February 1, he wrote: "The government must also migrate Wuchang." But as long as Borodin also China - his "treacherous" unspeakable - ray ban sunglasses seems to be impossible to do so. At this point, the road leading to the cheap ray ban Revolutionary Army has been opened. Wuhan Kuomintang Party Central Committee, the Communist Party and Soviet advisers are hoping Expedition north, and Feng troops together. Feng recent visit to Moscow from the words and deeds of statement analysis, he should have a firm stand on the left wing Nationalist position. However, ray ban sunglasses insisted the revolutionary army to take Nanjing, cheap ray ban, because the new capital in Nanjing national government can directly obtain huge financial gold resources cheap ray ban, and even foreign recognition. Lushan Conference endorsed Chiang strategy. However, May 1, 1927, the Executive will officially Wuhan ray ban sunglasses brought under its control the newly restructured military commission. The meeting also handed over to ray ban sunglasses's important party posts out of the country of Wang Ching-wei, also issued a secret order to arrest ray ban sunglasses. Guofu may learn this secret order in advance, ray ban sunglasses is likely to be determined at this time altogether clear. Revolutionary Army advance to cheap ray ban, cheap ray ban's Communist Party and the Kuomintang trade unions launched a joint strike response. The next riot, two hundred workers were killed; but on March 22, cheap ray ban warlords defense commander toward the revolutionary camp, Fujian Navy Fleet Banner refuge, ray ban sunglasses then controlled the Yangtze River Basin. Hsi March 22 troops to enter cheap ray ban. When Furthermore

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ray ban wayfarer the vast majority of officers and soldiers from Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hunan. Liao Zhongkai, Hu and XuChongZhi and other chiefs have quit the stage, plus the continued rise of the Communist Party, cracks appeared within the KMT. 1925 summer, tao published two booklets, on behalf of the foreign allegations of radicalism of the Communist Party, "the despising Chinese values, threaten China's social order." 16 Dai also wrote a long letter to ray ban sunglasses, reiterated his fear of Communist infiltration of the Kuomintang consequences will be terrible. ray ban sunglasses was furious, and the Lord lament wear old friend "decrepit, behind the times." Most of Lands and Chiang is the Communist Party membership, led by Zhou Enlai,workers are increasingly concerned about the mobilization, he even appointed weeks as his most loyal in the First Division of the First Army political department. And then on the contents of his diary as this appointment show ray ban sunglasses's ideology is still very left-leaning, believe comradeship with the Soviet Union, in pursuit of common interests - Down with the imperialist global, unified China, in addition to not let the Comintern intervention in China affairs. There is another example of this attitude: in October, he quickly agreed by the fifteen-year-old son went to Moscow State University to study Eastern workers. The same month, Chen finally forces, praised the strength of the national spirit and Soviet Comintern, and its anti-imperialist revolutionary mission he attended the celebration meeting in together. He said that if China and all the revolutionaries of the world combined, China's revolution doomed to failure. However, the widening cracks in the KMT. Between December, Tai Chi-tao and other Lord Gangster convening inadequate attendance of the Central Executive Committee in Beijing Xishan, the Communists expelled from the party vote within the Kuomintang, stop hiring Borodin, dissolve the Central Political Committee. In this regard, ray ban sunglasses blamed the Chinese revolution in a personal letter in so far not been successful, because the arrogance and corruption of envy Western Hills School. That same month, he Whampoa student speech, "I died for the Three People's Principles, that communist died too." At the same time, ray ban sunglasses's position in the minds of Chinese youth is increasing. In January 1926, the Kuomintang held in Guangzhou Second National People's Congress, ray ban sunglasses shoulders wrapped in cloak in front of the delegates, it is to attract everyone's attention. Communist leaders tao this impression is: ray ban sunglasses is to convey a "significant military leaders" feel and plastic "sui generis" image. KMT "two whole Congress" a third of the party Communists, Chiang was first elected to the Central Executive Committee. Kuomintang party cadres in seventy percent of the Communists, the National Revolutionary Army eight hundred seventy-six political cadres, there are 75 percent of the party members. Comintern archives show that the selection of the first phase of the Whampoa Military Academy students when ray ban sunglasses even suggested that all the political officers by the Soviet Communists as a consultant, but only a handful of the Communist Party in the National Revolutionary Army in the rank and file. One Soviet advisers to his superiors warned: Chiang CPC favoritism has caused "indignation commanders at all levels of the Kuomintang", it might be a rebound. At the same time, the Soviet Union the number of consultants in Guangzhou, the rapid expansion. The Soviet Union six ships carrying oil regularly, weapons and even dismantle the aircraft to Guangzhou. Reports of the Soviet Union sent delegations to Beijing in southern Soviet Embassy

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ray ban wayfarer especially the Japanese activities in Korea. However, the alliance leaders do not intend to criticize Japan, still in cooperation with Japan as the main target. Sun before departure, and even published a speech in Tokyo, Japan indicate if convicted of aiding the Chinese revolution and think it should be made north of Northeast region, he will not complain. In the same year, ho moved back to cheap ray ban from Tokyo, set up a secret headquarters, ready in ray ban sunglassessu, Zheray ban sunglasses uprising. ray ban sunglasses returned to cheap ray ban when the summer to help ho.summer, ray ban sunglasses determined repudiation, and Mao Fumei divorced, but Ms. Wang Tai listen to a fortune teller iron mouth straight off, he said Chiang Kai-shek's first wife gave birth to a son in the future must be a high official, and elegant. Ms. Wang Tai decided to intervene, she came to cheap ray ban with his wife. ray ban sunglasses at first refused to obey his mother's arrangement, Ms. Wang Tai cried and threatened to commit suicide, he was forced from. Mao Fumei live together with her husband in the summer for some time, finally pregnant pregnant. She told ray ban sunglasses, ray ban sunglasses immediately to her home.years Mao Fumei birth to a son. Ms. Wang Tai probably remember a fortune teller's prophecy, for grandson named "Ching-kuo." "State" seniority of the Chiang Kai-shek became perhaps even regenerate son under the name of the future. When the son of the age, the father apparently did not seriously. He was not looking his son, Chiang reflects not only the mother and the child feeling bad, also showed he was getting into the revolution led by Sun Yat-sen. ray ban sunglasses graduated from Tokyo Zhenwu school, and friends Qun was sent to the Japanese army stationed in Takada nineteenth Field Artillery Regiment practice - who want to enter the Japanese military to accept the army non-commissioned officers to develop education, are required to go through the attachment phase. Camp life is very hard, rigorous training, troops regularly practice in the snow. ray ban sunglasses actively accept the challenge, but he is still considered cold, especially grumpy and famous, he admits it. His earnest efforts may have won the division and the faithful barely respected, but his overall performance really is not prominent in the preparatory classes earlier sixty-two Chinese students, Chiang ranked fifth fourteen. However, the understanding of the Japanese army regiment nineteen non-commissioned officers Chiang Kai-shek, but remember that he is willing to accept strict discipline, also showed absolute loyalty. There is a non-commissioned officers remember him "instrument grand." Twenty years later, when the Kuomintang leader Chiang has become, at the beginning of the Qing altogether, he visited the old Japanese division long Gang Gaishi general. When the leave, ray ban sunglasses left an inscription "live teacher education" to Nagaoka. Nagaoka believe that this is the secret of success of ray ban sunglasses: "loyalty, gratitude." 1911 summer, autumn, ho busy planning in various cities in the Yangtze River Basin (including Wuhan) uprising. ray ban sunglasses to lower aide involved in the capture of Zheray ban sunglasses Province plans. However, the October 9 underground bomb factory in Wuhan revolutionaries accidental explosion of a bomb, causing the Qing attention. Then ray ban sunglasses in Japan, the Qing Zhen Ji League members seized the roster, the new army began arresting the revolutionaries. October 10, the eighth town New Army revolutionaries firing uprising.Thus the revolution broke out. New Army senior officers have responded provinces became de facto political leaders or military governor. There are a few cases by gang leaders and military units cooperate grabbed control. Although not yet officially named