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ray bans sale but Madame Mao and her office did not come; and later by Chiang Kai-shek's uncle came forward placement Weiguo and his mother. Two children from ray ban sunglasses wrote a letter to the judge, he loved son than a son.In the spring, to accompany her mother to the city of Chiang treatment, but soon fell ill himself that is due to typhoid fever. During recuperate, he has more time to reflect, in a diary to improve themselves frequently. capitalists are not swept away, the hundreds of non-freedom and happy way." There is a landlord trying to cheat Yao Ye Cheng, he commented that the rich in their brains to think how to make people account for cheap. But on July 1, the newly established cheap ray ban Stock Exchange (supported by the Kuomintang people to raise funds for the party and set) officially opened, ray ban sunglasses immediately bought from the stock. Chiang and Chen Guofu around to borrow money, set up an investment company "stock." Three thousand silver dollars seed capital, early slight loss, and soon rose to thirty thousand silver; early December, Zhang Renjie help him to another investment company to buy three thousand five hundred silver shares. However, the stock market will soon fall to the end of the year, ray ban sunglasses admitted in his diary, he lost seven or eight thousand silver dollars. He apparently owes money. iang did not have time to keep an eye on the stock market. September 30 sen sent his Chief of Staff of the PLA as a second army, which he has not before this highest post. ray ban sunglasses in his diary commitments, to avoid suspicions, never accept any (political) official position, suggesting that he will abide by the military, not unassuming, not because of its outspoken criticism and bad temper and annoying people. ray ban sunglasses took over as chief of staff position at Sun Yat-sen led the PLA troops in the gang, river pirates and a thousand coolies support has slowly than in 1918 forced resignation of the South Sun warlords. Throughout October, ray ban sunglasses and troops march again, "Lien Chan's victory." However, his temper more combat stress, often colleagues attack, so we can give him a nickname "cannon." Zhixin off suddenly pass away, made me lose right hand. Threading military matters and count my party can Hepatobiliary according to people who exercises had been rare, the only brother of the brave sincere and earnest, and Zhixin ratio is conceivable, especially soldiers had been. Brother of just over very vulgar and envy, discord so often does not fit, then a major negative for the party of responsibility, sacrifice is barely seen and trade down, so for the party, not for individuals.ray ban sunglasses also agreed, but he still seems powerless to change. On one occasion, he and after intense debate tao, wrote a letter, although sorry but still self-maintenance of the letter to him this "brother." He said: "There is no self-care, abandon violence arrogant, Mianmu order to mentor" Is tao reply, ray ban sunglasses reiterated the love and respect, but described him as "willful so that gas, not a little self-tolerance, as Life, deeply rooted into account disaster, but also hinder the success of the cause of the foot. " ray ban sunglasses himself, and reply to refute old sharp words, there is prejudice, too impulsive, but self-supporting: "Life younger brother of the disease, extreme care, it is life and death of the best friend of trouble, no entertainment perfunctory ordinary turn of good . "ray ban sunglasses's strengths - the revolutionary cause persist focused, very tall - became one of his weaknesses. By the end of October

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ray bans sale he accepted the Red Army set up a system of political staff, then put it into the Kuomintang army; he also accepted the idea of ??the Communist Youth League, wrote: "The (Communist Youth League) for young people trying to cultivate focus, its first good policies. " Inspection tour of the Soviet Union also played a key role in ray ban sunglasses's career that he has suddenly emerged as the KMT's success is tied to the powerful and mysterious northern neighbor's number one expert. ray ban sunglasses at December 15 Soviet ships returned to cheap ray ban to take charge of the KMT heavyweight financial Liao Zhongkai to greet. Liao also singled out Sun Yat-sen in accordance with Marxism-Leninism is responsible for the transformation of one person Kuomintang. Some people within the KMT deep concern about Moscow's true intentions, which, ray ban sunglasses assured them: the Soviet Union was a sincere proposal Kuomintang assistance. (But years later, he bitterly said that when he returned to the Soviet Union when the intent is very vigilant; this clearly does not really say.) Chiang January 12, 1924 finally returned to Guangzhou, the Sun hand a written report.At this time, the Comintern sent in new Kuomintang political adviser Borodin (MikhailBorodin) is in accordance with the Leninist line reorganize the Kuomintang in Guangzhou. In order sen, the KMT party members to "comrade" call the Soviet Communist Party and allies. However, Sun in January 1924 on behalf of the KMT full meeting declared that China is no obvious class differences, everyone just big and small poor poor, respectively. This statement and the Communists violent social revolution very different proposition. Militarily, the Sun is more able to accept Soviet influence. He knew that when he was a member of the Military Council assigned Chiang Kai-shek, and presided over the new military academy for the training of officers and the establishment of Moscow will be very happy. In June 1924, ray ban sunglasses accompany Sun stand on the Command Post, he presided over the opening ceremony of the Whampoa Military Academy. Start-up costs of the military academy presented by the Soviet Union 2.7 million yuan (Chinese money), in addition to a monthly allowance of $ 100,000 was to be established. Sun speech at the opening ceremony declared goal is to emulate the Soviet Red Army to build a "new revolutionary army." Should Chiang's request, the Soviet Union sent ray ban sunglasses hit it off in Siberia and the Soviet Far East to get to know the Force Commander gallon (V ¡¤ K ¡¤ ª±Blucher) to Guangzhou, as his chief of staff. Moscow sent a few officers in addition to the Whampoa Military Academy. 154 ray ban sunglasses learned out in Moscow, sent tao as political director of the Whampoa Military Academy, as adjutant to wear under, it is nominated Communist Party Zhou Enlai, Zhou had studied in Japan for two years, France nearly four years, just to return soon , when he was twenty-seven. Zhou also Zheray ban sunglasses, and ray ban sunglasses was able to talk; he looks handsome, like a silent movie star, humorous, handsome, courteous, learned more than the smell, confident, and courtly. Chiang opinion, Zhou is a very sincere person. Although competition between the Communist Party after 47 years, struggle and fierce fighting, but between the two men developed the unusual relationship, respect each other, even in the bitter conflict between the two parties on the occasion, this feeling still emerge from time to time.In June 1924, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek (Kuomintang Party History Museum offers) in the Whampoa Military Academy photo Whampoa Military Academy advocate the spirit of Bushido, the motto "Dear sincere", there is a powerful and unyielding

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ray bans sale peasant associations and even the military political cadres.At this point the idea of ??the Northern Expedition ray ban sunglasses soon launch more resolute, and he is expected to start if repeated victory, politicians, academics and the business community will unite to support him. He also knew, though the CPSU, the CPC thought he was just "jump from just a nobody," "self-proclaimed Napoleon," but once he launched the Northern Expedition, they have no choice, we can only support him. ray ban sunglasses strength of the first, seventh and fourth in three Army assumed the main task of fighting all the way to the Northern Expedition. In addition to the First Army, other military forces have warlord background. June, anti-KMT Hunan warlord, the biggest one division commander led his troops defected Tang Sheng-chih, was awarded the designation of the Eighth Army. Chiang's strategy is to take Hunan, occupying nearly 500 kilometers north of the Yangtze River city of Wuhan, and the left-leaning warlords "Christian General" Feng (in the water for baptizing soldiers, asking them to Christianity fame) joint, go down to Beijing to advance. Changsha-American missionary doctors Phil Greene (PhilGreene) mentioned in the book at home, Hunan there are many "little kingdom" separatism, each idle military leaders and groups of soldiers. In fact, Hunan Province alone twenty-three warlords, the National Revolutionary Army north, they are not caught on and fled, it is to join the ranks of the revolutionary army. Chiang's officers declared that "invincible."July 11, the National Revolutionary Army to enter a team of young students in Changsha, trailing down. One day next month, Xiangya Hospital (Yaleª²inª²ChinaXiangYaHospital) surgeon Greene received military headquarters sent a message: "immediately sent a dentist to take care of chairman." Xiangya Hospital by Western trained Chinese dentist had fled to cheap ray ban Therefore Greene personally visits. After waiting for several hours, "came a man, usually dressed in a white shirt, gray trousers, Chinese shoes." Alan thought he was a messenger, asked the name of the patient only said: "surname ray ban sunglasses." Greene explained, although he is not a dentist, but extraction for him. ray ban sunglasses said:. "Then pull it," Greene said ray ban sunglasses unlike most Chinese people "East asked the West to ask," very simply. Three days later chairman Xiangya Hospital set up across a brand new, fully equipped, two hundred military hospital beds, all Americans admire. This is a welcome sign. Greene believes that perhaps a dream come true eventually - China resumed full sovereignty, rebuild self-esteem, welcomed foreigners willing to lend a helping hand. ray ban sunglasses command Hubei National Revolutionary Army offensive immediately. The next battle in Wuhan, has been very appreciate Chiang Li Tsung-jen, admiration commander "calmly" front line, "afraid of the dark passing bullet." By the end of October, the revolutionary army has defeated the warlords in Hubei, Wuhan captured. Meanwhile, the first Army Yingqin Fujian appeasement also led into Zheray ban sunglasses. Fujian and Zheray ban sunglasses provinces immediately announced allegiance to the Kuomintang warlords, Chiang Li also be incorporated. Later, ray ban sunglasses repeated Zhaoray ban sunglassesnapan, generosity, the subsequent political problems later headaches. This is the Sun Yat-sen's old policy, ray ban sunglasses suffered enough to make it in the future, but at this moment, he felt nothing he can count. Expedition Way, Chiang rates with the main force headquarters staff travel, often on horseback, even also litters (because there is no truck). No matter where you are