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rayban aviator military academies, and even include a chemical weapons factory. However, ray ban sunglasses's trip main task is to seek Soviet support of his own design, the Sun Yat-sen approved a program of the Northwest Military Strategy. The strategy hopes to establish military bases in the Soviet-backed Kuomintang in northwestern China, so that the KMT attack the Northern government. ray ban sunglasses called on the Vice-Chairman of the Revolutionary War Committee Trask good Chomsky (E กค M กค Sklyansky) chief of staff encryption Jef (L กค B กค Kamenev) when and stressed Whatever the approach plan, the KMT hopes to launch as soon as possible in order to eradicate the warlords of the Northern Expedition, unified China. But the Soviets were not happy, they do not want the Soviet-backed revolution would provoke Japan; Moreover, early Northern Expedition, the Communist Party of China, there is no time to develop strength. Trask Sharansky told ray ban sunglasses Liang, after China, should be ready for a lot of political work, it may launch military operations, or "such action is doomed to fail." Trotsky also explained to ray ban sunglasses, "Russian assistance to Chinese national revolution, in addition to direct aid can not be used outside the military, economic and other needs and other weapons, all while trying to best active assistance." After these talks, ray ban sunglasses wrote: the Russian Revolution was able to succeed because the workers have to know the revolution, farmers want the socialist system, and its leaders to allow domestic one hundred fifty different ethnic organizations from the federal government. November 25, Comintern invite ray ban sunglasses to its Executive Committee speech. In his speech, ray ban sunglasses hinted that communism is the next stage of the Chinese revolution possible targets; however, if the KMT openly embraced communism, will hurt its current main goal - to unite all the Chinese people, the expulsion of imperialism. At first, this seems to suggest that the KMT based tactical reasons, at this stage can not embrace communism, but then he just tell the Comintern Executive Committee: "proletarian revolution is not suitable for" China. After listening to ray ban sunglasses's speech, about the Chinese Communist International Executive Committee adopted a Resolution on the national liberation movement, emphasizing the role of the proletariat and the peasantry in the revolution. ray ban sunglasses for the Comintern so directly contradict his interpretation of the unity line, and Sun Yat-sen's rejection of the class struggle, very disappointed. He described in his diary the Soviet government "gullible, slow, complacent." When he visited Petrograd, that the city "spiritual deserting, demoralization." He also noted that nationalization cause excessive centralization, lack of ability of the plant manager. In addition, equitable distribution of the socialist Soviet Union also difficult to achieve.After a request to the Red Army group is allowed to speak, to four hundred soldiers Chiang delivered a speech, declaring that he, like them are revolutionaries, his aim is to learn from the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union to unite in order to defeat imperialism and capitalism . When he lectures, "voice rising, his hands trembling." In mid-October, a delegation led by Chiang submit a written report on the Chinese revolution to the Comintern. The report notes that unless we (the people of the world) to overthrow world capitalism and imperialism, or Chinese can be no real independence. Although ray ban sunglasses liked to world revolution against imperialism hateful ideal, but Chiang speaking, this sentence also largely just talk. However

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rayban aviator he even appointed weeks as his most loyal in the First Division of the First Army political department. And then on the contents of his diary as this appointment show ray ban sunglasses's ideology is still very left-leaning, believe comradeship with the Soviet Union, in pursuit of common interests - Down with the imperialist global, unified China, in addition to not let the Comintern intervention in China affairs. There is another example of this attitude: in October, he quickly agreed by the fifteen-year-old son went to Moscow State University to study Eastern workers. The same month, Chen finally forces, praised the strength of the national spirit and Soviet Comintern, and its anti-imperialist revolutionary mission he attended the celebration meeting in together. He said that if China and all the revolutionaries of the world combined, China's revolution doomed to failure. However, the widening cracks in the KMT. Between December, Tai Chi-tao and other Lord Gangster convening inadequate attendance of the Central Executive Committee in Beijing Xishan, the Communists expelled from the party vote within the Kuomintang, stop hiring Borodin, dissolve the Central Political Committee. In this regard, ray ban sunglasses blamed the Chinese revolution in a personal letter in so far not been successful, because the arrogance and corruption of envy Western Hills School. That same month, he Whampoa student speech, "I died for the Three People's Principles, that communist died too." At the same time, ray ban sunglasses's position in the minds of Chinese youth is increasing. In January 1926, the Kuomintang held in Guangzhou Second National People's Congress, ray ban sunglasses shoulders wrapped in cloak in front of the delegates, it is to attract everyone's attention. Communist leaders tao this impression is: ray ban sunglasses is to convey a "significant military leaders" feel and plastic "sui generis" image. KMT "two whole Congress" a third of the party Communists, Chiang was first elected to the Central Executive Committee. Kuomintang party cadres in seventy percent of the Communists, the National Revolutionary Army eight hundred seventy-six political cadres, there are 75 percent of the party members. Comintern archives show that the selection of the first phase of the Whampoa Military Academy students when ray ban sunglasses even suggested that all the political officers by the Soviet Communists as a consultant, but only a handful of the Communist Party in the National Revolutionary Army in the rank and file. One Soviet advisers to his superiors warned: Chiang CPC favoritism has caused "indignation commanders at all levels of the Kuomintang", it might be a rebound. At the same time, the Soviet Union the number of consultants in Guangzhou, the rapid expansion. The Soviet Union six ships carrying oil regularly, weapons and even dismantle the aircraft to Guangzhou. Reports of the Soviet Union sent delegations to Beijing in southern Soviet Embassy, ??it actually has assumed the National Revolutionary Army Chiefs of Staff of work. The report said: "the presence of the Kuomintang today is that we created ...... so far, so long as none of our proposal will not be adopted by the Government." Pseudonym season mountain Kerry (Kisanka) library Chebyshev () General, eleven Monthly replace gallon as head of the Soviet Military Advisory Group. Two months after the season mountain Kerry reported to Moscow, a report said the ultimate goal of the Soviet Union: now is not "full control" to live the National Revolutionary Army.Soviet advisers felt there was ray ban sunglasses "egotistical, silent, ambitious," but if "subtly praise" him "on an equal footing to him, never show the slightest power to seize him," you can get a lot from him. And even if so

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rayban aviator Japan was able to defeat big European countries is an encouraging event, which may also be touched Chiang determination Toubicongrong, determined to do the revolutionary party rather than to defend the main reason for the Qing court.three years, he transferred to the Ningbo arrow. Mao Fumei read along, but a few months later, ray ban sunglasses suspected her rustic, and sent her back to her mother waited Xikou. In February 1906, ray ban sunglasses apparently admired both teachers of New Confucianism nor conservative, decided to back Fenghua Longin school. Gu encourage students to read the new Wang Yangming (Zheray ban sunglasses, 1472-1529), Tseng (Hunan, 1811-1872) writings. Wang Yangming advocates know yourself, in order to have moral practice, know and can do, it makes sense morality. However, as a "Confucian gentry," he also stressed that integrity, honesty and loyalty. Wang's philosophy seems probable cause youth Chiang resonance. is Longjin school teacher, dormitory just with ray ban sunglasses on the same floor; he remembered the eighteen-year-old student up early every day, stand at attention in the front bedroom hallway for half an hour, pursed lips, eyes firm, arms Baoxiong, engrossed in His target.In Longin school only for a few months, ray ban sunglasses Bianxiang family report that he went to Japan to. He cut off the braids to show resolute anti, a move that friends, neighbors shocked. Chiang eighteen already a revolutionary youth. A year later, various anti-Qaeda leaders and a group of students at the Tokyo meeting, the formation of a new revolutionary group "Alliance", Sun Yat-sen was elected prime minister. At this time, Sun has developed its collection of modern political theory and practice culmination of "Three People's Principles", he stressed nationalism, democracy and people's livelihood. This is a moderate platform, reflected the Western intellectual trend.The young wife of Chiang Kai-shek lost again at home, at their own expense to Tokyo to learn Japanese, an insight into this exceptionally clean and orderly country, it seems that regardless of the railway, police, utilities, of course, the army, everything has a use efficiency. 28 ray ban sunglasses period can at their own expense to study, in addition to showing his inherited estates outside must still quite savings. But he can not enter the yearning military school, we had to turn back home, apply for competitive Baoding Military Academy. ray ban sunglasses admitted after receiving military education in Baoding about a year, and soon they get to Japan to attend military official fee. He once again to Tokyo, Japan to enter the admission of aspiring to study in the Chinese Military Academy Preparatory School students - Zhenwu school. ray ban sunglasses due to very tall, popular classmates bad, but also to make a few friends, of which there was also from Baoding Military Qun Sichuan students, and later his lifelong close friend; another student Yingqin Guizhou, later has been is important generals Chiang. Holiday, Chiang and his companions at the meeting restaurant drinking, occasionally Guangyao Zi. ray ban sunglasses during this period to develop a hobby like beautiful prostitute, beauty often made him head over heels.Do not go to school days, he kept in contact with the key players from Zheray ban sunglasses ho League. ray ban sunglasses first time in Japan that is to get to know ho. Ho introduced by ray ban sunglasses and his friends to join the League, Chen became Chiang's "big brother", the way he was carrying. ray ban sunglasses also became acquainted with studying law at Hosei University in Japan youth tao. Dai is a determined resolute